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Symphonic Blue 4

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Bunker 8 Digital Labs

Symphonic Blue 4

'Symphonic Blue 4' from Bunker 8 heralds in 2021 with 5.5 GB of content in all of its downtempo, cinematic angsty glory. This is the most comprehensive Symphonic Blue collection yet.

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  • 381 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Symphonic Blue 4' from Bunker 8 heralds in 2021 with 5.5 GB of content in all of its downtempo, cinematic angsty glory. This is the most comprehensive Symphonic Blue collection yet.

Bunker 8 employed the use of a live quartet throughout each of the Construction Kits in this collection. Two cellos, two double basses, two violins and two viola tracks pressed and recorded together offer the compelling, lyrical sonic “glue” that gives these compositions a polished organic feel few orchestral collections match. You get the same players, the same hall, the same feel that Bunker 8 employ in their soundtrack, gaming and orchestral work!

Symphonic Blue 4 features over 5.5 GB of content including cellos, double bass, French horns, trumpets, bowed string sections/quartets, deep sub basses, throbbing subsonic arps, everything you need and everything you hear in the demo tracks is in this collection. The live tracks have been seamlessly meshed with sampled instruments and full MIDI files have been included for all the parts in each Construction Kit. These Kits are ready to go for your trailers, low key cues, background instrumentation, this is as versatile and pristine as it gets.

Each Kit comes with Loops, Full Stems and MIDI files. You will be able to break down, arrange, edit and construct your own mixes and arrangements in minutes.

Loops: 16 bar loop sets of every stem element for every track broken down with custom editing, leveling, and EQ. All you need to do is drop these into your favorite audio editor, DAW or sampler. These loops are all cross-platform compatible, so whether you need WAV files or AIFF Files, Bunker 8 got you covered.

Full Instrument Groups: In a hurry to create some demo arrangements? Need just the strings from your favorite loop set? Want to mix and match quickly across multiple Construction Kits without having to set up groups and load a bunch of loops that you don't need? Unique to Bunker 8, they supply complete bus stems of all the major sections of the orchestra, including separate groups of percussion, bass and drum parts.

Full Mixes: Bunker 8 has created full mixes and sample arrangements for the first time in this collection. This allows you to quickly audition a Kit in its full mixed instrumental context. You can play with the various arrangement elements, lay down a quick ghost vocal track against it to test out to your scenes, or use it as inspiration for your own arrangement or track. It will be really tempting to use it all on its own, ready to go, just remember, the key to a great track is to make it your own!

MIDI: Each one of the Construction Kits comes with a full MIDI arrangement set aside so that you can dig deep into the intricacies of each of the parts and customize it the way you like. Make new tracks from the MIDI parts, add new arrangements, transpose at will without undue harshness in the arrangements. This collection makes it all possible.

All content is 100% Royalty-Free.

Remember, the key to a successful original track is to take the elements that work for your own original compositions and tweak/twist/arrange them into something completely your own.

Product Details:

• 10 Construction Kits (Key & BPM Labelled)
• 355 Loops in Total
• 10 MIDI Construction Kit Arrangements
• 24-Bit Audio Quality (WAV & AIFF)
• 100% Royalty-Free Content

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