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Cinetools proudly presents Rite - featuring inspirational sound effects that cut to the heart of the modern folk horror aesthetic! Traumatic, surreal, and bizarre are just a few words to describe the sonic palette of this product.

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Cinetools proudly presents Rite - featuring inspirational sound effects that cut to the heart of the modern folk horror aesthetic! Traumatic, surreal, and bizarre are just a few words to describe the sonic palette of this product.

Full of dark and somber inspirational sound design elements of folklore to invoke fear, Rite offers you a massive amount of intriguing sounds, embracing all the latest and emerging cinematic scoring trends, such as unnerving tension, hair-rising stingers, heart-stopping pulses, heavy benders, booms, and creepy atmospheres, transitions, cinematic drums, intense hits, and much more. There's a whole lot more to unearth from our collection if you've got the stomach for it. All is here, ready to help you to create your own enigmatic and nightmarish world!

In detail, expect to find 3.72 GB of high-quality sounds including 441 ready-to-use designed cinematic sound effects consisting of 34 atmospheres, 29 basses, 13 benders, 30 booms, 21 drum, 78 hits, 44 openers & closers, 22 pings, 20 pulses & sequences, 22 risers & suckbacks, 4 shepard tones, 23 signature, 42 stingers, 20 suckbacks, 11 transitions, and 28 whooshes. Every sound was meticulously recorded at 24-bit / 192kHz, designed and delivered in industry-standard 24-bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs. All the sounds in this library are perfectly categorised and labelled to make it easy for you to find just the right sound element to fit any project.

Perfect for terror scenes, rural scenarios, haunting backdrops, savagery themes, burial ceremonies, human sacrifice scenes, or horror-based gruesome cuts such as nightmare-inducing disasters. Creeping dread bubbling up just below the surface, do you feel it?

Product Details:

• 034 Atmospheres
• 029 Bass
• 013 Benders
• 030 Booms
• 021 Drum
• 078 Hits
• 044 Openers & Closers
• 022 Pings
• 020 Pulses & Sequences
• 022 Risers & Suckbacks
• 004 Shepard Tones
• 023 Signature
• 042 Stingers
• 020 Suckbacks
• 011 Transitions
• 028 Whooshes

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