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Alien Game

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    Epic Stock Media

    Alien Game

    ''Alien Game'' by Epic Stock Media is an out-of-this-world sci-fi sound effects collection. It has all the essentials needed to achieve your sci-fi game dreams, including over 650 extra-terrestrial sound effects.

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    Product Information

    ''Alien Game'' by Epic Stock Media is an out-of-this-world sci-fi sound effects collection. It has all the essentials needed to achieve your sci-fi game dreams, including over 650 extra-terrestrial sound effects.

    Inspired by chart topping sci-fi games like Destiny, Halo, and Starcraft, 'Alien Game' features professional, high quality sci-fi audio assets that will complete almost any project where science fiction and futuristic styled sound effects are needed. 'Alien Game' focuses on game-ready sound effects ranging from heavily processed and hybrid to hi-tech and minimal.

    This library is organized into popular categories that make it easier to create outstanding sci-fi game experiences in the following folders: Alien Footsteps, Alien Mechanisms - like airlocks, robotics, space doors, Ambiences (full length and loop-able), Crafting, Explosions, Explosions Distant, User Interface, Voices Alien, Voices Robots, Weapons. Useful in animations, videos games, arcades, apps, motions graphics, film, tv and more. 'Alien Game' sound effects library is great for rapid prototyping to final game sound. You'll have instant professionally produced results in no time.

    Includes: big explosions, alien creatures, robot voices, futuristic weapons like plasma pistol shots, alien cannons, blasters, gun handling, crafting actions and essentials, sci-fi user interface transitions, movements, trills, blings, positive and negative confirms, notifications, alerts, loop-able ambiences for engines, spaceships, room-tones, alien robotics, mechanisms, airlocks, vault doors, mechanical sequences, teleportation FX, distant bombs, big and small footsteps, shiny items, glitchy mech collects, hi-tech assets, stock inventory and material pick ups and much more.

    All of the sound effect files are designed to keep your production workflow faster and delivered in 96kHz/24bit WAV format to maintain top-notch audio fidelity. Plus, a 44.1k 16Bit WAV and game-ready MP3 version of the entire collection is provided, so you never need to convert files. Alien Games's audio assets are ready to drag and drop into your game. Simply choose the format that suits your project best and let the space invasion begin. 

    Product Details:

    • 651 Science Fiction Game Sound Effects
    • 24 Footsteps - Big, Hunter, Insect, Small
    • 51 Robotic Fx Like Airlocks, Industrial Mechanisms, Ship Doors, Vaults, Teleports & More
    • 40 Full Length Ambiences For Environments, Inside Ships, Industrial Soundscapes, Engines, Room Tones & More
    • 40 Loop-Able Ambiences Derived From The Full Length Soundscapes - All Game-Ready!
    • 122 Crafting Essentials - Inventory Items, Collects, Sci-Fi Pick Ups, Jewels, Med Packs, Crystals & So Much More
    • 35 Sci-Fi Explosions - Electric Shockwave, Grenade, Photon Blast, Plasma Bomb, Forcefield Etc.
    • 32 Distant Explosions - Perfect For Adding Weight & Sweetening Impacts, Blasts & More
    • 75 User Interface Sounds - Sci-Fi Notifications, Alerts, Confirmations, Holograms, Holographic Beep, Chimes, Chirps, 
    • 64 Alien Voice Sounds - Big Alien, Hunter, Insect, Small - All Have Sets Of Hurt, Attack, Idle, Death
    • 51 Robot Voice Sounds - Micro-Bot, Big Bot, Alien Bot - All Have Sets Of Hurt, Attack, Idle, Death + Command Voice 
    • 116 Weapon Sounds & Gun Foley For Laser, Electric Pistol, Alien Cannon, Plasma Pistol, Plasma, Cannon, Zap Gun 

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