Epic Stock Media is a family owned and operated internet digital media company established in 2014.
They create and distribute sound and digital media products that change the way you hear and see audio in games, films, TV, performances and anywhere in the world where people consume media.

    'Iconic Origins Vol 4' by Epic Stock Media is a hybrid collection which contains a well-rounded set of acoustic pun...

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    £14.16 GBP

      ... by Epic Stock Media provides you with a game-ready character voicebank inspired by the blockbuster hit movie 'W...

      $37.55 USD

      £28.33 GBP

        ... is ideal if you don't have time to design your own unique transition and trail sound effects. This pack is idea...

        $57.31 USD

        £43.23 GBP

          ... is a fully decked out, sinister collection of dark and flavourful music production loops. Inside you will find...

          $28.73 USD

          £21.67 GBP

            ... allows you to create an outstanding fantasy card gaming experience with Epic Stock Media's hottest new game sou...

            $65.18 USD

            £49.17 GBP

            • 50% off

            ... features recognisable genres like Boom Bap and comes with underground drums that give you the punch and weight...

            Was $21.18 USD

            $12.70 USD

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              ... is fun, simple and light hearted and perfect for minimalistic mobile app, arcade and causal games. Inside you w...

              $27.61 USD

              £20.83 GBP

                ... from Epic Stock Media is another game character voice pack. Introducing the first of this 'Game Character' seri...

                $32.04 USD

                £24.17 GBP

                  ... inspires an authentic MLG audio production experience. The ... sound effects library enables you to quickly out...

                  $65.18 USD

                  £49.17 GBP

                    ... is the second sonic selection of career-defining audio elements. Set your production apart and deliver them int...

                    $43.08 USD

                    £32.50 GBP

                      ... helps you advance your game or audio production soundtracks to award winning heights. The library is created by...

                      $88.38 USD

                      £66.67 GBP

                        ... is packed with post apocalyptic, Tokyo city cinematic sound effects to thrill your audience. It includes futuri...

                        $52.67 USD

                        £39.73 GBP

                        • 50% off

                        ... contains 20 Construction Kits featuring genres such as Trap, Underground, Vintage, Hip Hop, Boom Bap and all mo...

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                          ... by Sound Library is a complete sound effects kit for any action adventure or fantasy magic sound project. ... i...

                          $76.22 USD

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                            ... includes 100 unprecedented ultra high quality 96k 24-Bit WAV files, all new and original recordings, filled wit...

                            $43.08 USD

                            £32.50 GBP