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Jazzy Double Bass Vol 2

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Future Loops

Jazzy Double Bass Vol 2

Future Loops presents 'Jazzy Double Bass Vol 2' a smooth sample pack of over 1900 Double Bass Loops & One Shots with a nice Jazzy feel. Available in WAV and REX2 formats.

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Future Loops presents 'Jazzy Double Bass Vol 2' a smooth sample pack of over 1900 Double Bass Loops & One Shots with a nice Jazzy feel. Available in WAV and REX2 formats.

'Jazzy Double Bass Vol 2' is the second volume of our Jazzy Double Bass collection and was performed and recorded in 7 different tempos (60, 80, 85, 100, 120, 140 and 160 BPM) and in a wide variety of keys, so it pleases all tastes and suits all needs!
Due to it's charismatic and mysterious tone, the double (or acoustic / upright) bass is capable of instantly adding that unique jazzy flavour and deep organic quality to a track. For this reason the double bass is an instrument often used in various music genres from Hip Hop, House or Drum N Bass to Breaks and Ambient to name only a few.
Future Loops developed 'Jazzy Double Bass Vol 2' for both the producer that likes to use loops and the producer that prefers to dig deep with one-shots to create new riffs & patterns from scratch. If you like to do both, even better!
For this reason, besides the 278 different loops, you will also find a folder with over 1500 One-Shots, all loops come pre-sliced and ready to go.. (as usual we do all the hard editing work for you). There are some fantastic gems to discover in 'Jazzy Double Bass Vol 2', particularly suited for jazzy electronica, vinyl hip hop, dance, breaks or ambient!
As standard with Future Loops sample packs, the loops are also available in REX format for optimal Tempo flexibility!
Here's what you can find inside 'Jazzy Double Bass Vol 2':
278 Loops:
• 17 Loops at 60 Bpm (Fmaj, GMaj, Gmin)
• 39 Loops at 80 Bpm (Aflatmaj, BflatMaj, Amin, Cmaj)
• 60 Loops at 85 BPM (D#, Dmaj, Fsharp, E)
• 21 Loops at 100 BPM (Gmaj, Fmaj, EflatMaj)
• 52 Loops at 120 BPM (AMaj, Bmaj, CsharpMaj, Dmaj)
• 40 Loops at 140 BPM (Fsharpmin, Dmin, Gmin)
• 49 Loops at 160 BPM (Bmaj, EflatMaj, Emin)
• 1653 Sliced One Shots

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