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Synthwave Delight

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House Of Loop

Synthwave Delight

'Synthwave Delight' by House of Loop is a Synthwave sample pack influenced by soundtracks and video games from the 80's.

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Product Information

'Synthwave Delight' by House of Loop is a Synthwave sample pack influenced by soundtracks and video games from the 80's.

This pack goes in-depth to give you an authentic Synthwave sound through gear like Dr 220, Elka drum machines, Moog Voyager, Linndrum drum machines, Poly Evolver, Polysix, Sh101, SP12, and more. All the sounds are baked on Ampex ATR 102 and EL Fatso. The pack includes 30 Drum Loops with that 80's processed studio vibe hitting heavy at 110 BPM with different variants including Clap and Kick, Full drum kit, Hi-Hat, No kick, and single Percussion.
Next we have 26 ARP Loops, 45 Bass Loops, 10 Chord loops, 26 Pad Loops, and 27 Synth Loops which make for the melodic side that is a big part of this genre. 10 FX, 20 Bass Shots, 20 Synth Shots that add a distinguishable touch to the whole complement the pack, along with 7 clap shots, 21 Hi-Hat Shots with a modern crisp sound, 19 Kick Shots ready to add more force to the bumping bass, 40 Percussion Shots, 22 Snare Shots with that explosive reverb attack iconic to the 80's, and 59 MIDI Loops ready to take your listeners on a Future-Retro journey.
Product Details:
• 30 Drum Loops 
• 26 Arp Loops
• 45 Bass Loops
• 10 Chord Loops
• 26 Pad Loops
• 27 Synth Loops
• 10 FX
• 20 Bass Shots
• 20 Synth Shots
• 7 Clap Shots
• 21 Hat Shots
• 19 Kick Shots
• 40 Perc Shots
• 22 Snare Shots
• 59 MIDI Loops
• 5 Battery Kits
• 45 Exs Kits
• 45 Nnxt Kits
• 45 Kontakt Kits
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit
• 100% Royalty-Free

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