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License Free Movie Clips

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Industrial Strength

License Free Movie Clips

'License Free Movie Clips' by Industrial Strength is a huge collection of dark & creepy audio from movie clips preserving their original textures and noise so you can get the best of of them for your own productions.

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  • 5.73GB (Unzipped)
  • 8 min 14 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 6131 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'License Free Movie Clips' by Industrial Strength is a huge collection of dark & creepy audio from movie clips preserving their original textures and noise so you can get the best of of them for your own productions.

Expect the unexpected. This collection offers up Sci-fi, Horror, strange low budget movie clips, action, drama, and of course cine-clips. Not only does Industrial Strength provide the standard type of clips you might expect, they went the extra mile and added some really unique and exciting surprises for this pack as well.
They included clips relating to Brooklyn gangsta skits, NASA, LAPD, emergency services, the Russian army, NYC Police calls, atmospheres, UFOs, strange soundscapes, tones, dialogue, kung-fu movies and weapons, background SFX and insane music snips which are all great for Experimental Hip Hop and dirty sound design.
This pack works well with any style of music. You just have to use your imagination. This movie collection not only has value for money, it also features a huge amount of movie clips that won't be found anywhere else.
If you checked out Industrial Strength's 'Shaolin Hip Hop' collection, this pack also features the following elements of that pack: movie clips audio, SFX, segments, impacts, dives, music clips, vocals and cine-clips.
Please Note: This pack does not include beats or other music elements that are in the 'Shaolin Hip Hop' demos. That audio can only be found in 'Shaolin Hip Hop'. With that said, Industrial Strength has added NI Massive Presets and essential Bonus FX to this monster pack to boot.
If you seek the odd, the obscure, strange dialogue, Kung Fu, and FX from underground B & C Movies, this pack is perfect for you.
100% License Free Movie Clips Included.
Product Details:
• 91 Brooklyn Gangsta
• 209 Mobsters
• 128 Tuff Guys
• 17 NASA Clips
• 35 NYPD
• 414 Sci-Fi Clips
• 25 Screams
• 14 SFX Atmos
• 114 Apollo
• 182 Cine Clips
• 14 Lo-Fi Chatter
• 30 Russian Military
• 83 US Military
• 138 Sci-Fi Segments
• 10 Broadcast Chatter
• 31 Chicago Police Radio Noise Clips
• 228 Chicago Police Radio
• 60 Cine FX
• 294 Horror Clips
• 136 Horror Segments
• 10 Alien Transmissions
• 38 LAPD
• 26 NI Massive Audio
• 26 NI Massive Presets
• 40 Sounds
• 12 Strange Soundscapes
• 58 Man Pig
• 36 UFO
• 19 Movie Bonus Files
• 84 Shaolin Cinematic Clips
• 34 Shaolin Vocals
• 27 Weapons
• 42 Kung Fu Fights
• 129 Voxx FX
• 18 SFX Stuff
• 20 Revs
• 50 Percussion Shots
• 20 Impacts
• 12 Downlifters
• 10 Dives
• 40 Distorted FX
• Over 2000+ Samples Included
• 100% Royalty-Free

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