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Crispy Drum Kit

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    Iq Samples

    Crispy Drum Kit

    'Crispy Drum Kit' by IQ Samples is a sample pack based on sweet percussion elements for Future Bass and other EDM subgenres.

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    • 153.61MB (Unzipped)
    • 12 sec @ 85Mbps
    • 288 files / Royalty-Free

    Product Information

    'Crispy Drum Kit' by IQ Samples is a sample pack based on sweet percussion elements for Future Bass and other EDM subgenres.

    This pack contains a set of percussion loops produced in three different tempos: 96 BPM, 120 BPM, 155 BPM. In detail expect 161 MB of content including 99 Percussion One-Shots, 43 FX, 27 Drum One-Shots, 50 Percussion Loops at 120 BPM, 30 Percussion Loops at 96 BPM and 30 Percussion Loops at 155 BPM
    Product Details:
    • 96/120/155 BPM
    • 99 Percussion One-Shots
    • 43 FX
    • 27 Drum One-Shots
    • 50 Percussion Loops 120 BPM
    • 30 Percussion Loops 96 BPM
    • 30 Percussion Loops 155 BPM
    • 44.1kHz/24-Bit
    • 100% Royalty-Free

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