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Adam White: Trance Studio Tools

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    Adam White: Trance Studio Tools

    'Adam White: Trance Studio Tools' brings you 1GB of 24-Bit content covering bass, drum and mixed musical loops, as well as MIDI files, one-shots, FX, multi-sampled instruments and playable sampler patches.

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    Product Information

    'Adam White: Trance Studio Tools' brings you 1GB of 24-Bit content covering bass, drum and mixed musical loops, as well as MIDI files, one-shots, FX, multi-sampled instruments and playable sampler patches.

    This pack weighs in at a mighty 1GB and includes 463 24-Bit samples, including 174 loops between 120 and 138BPM, plus 289 Single Shot Samples.

    80 MIDI Files are also included along with 43 Ready to play patches for soft synths including Reason NN-XT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ compatible samplers.

    There are also Reason Refill, Ableton Live and Apple Loop versions available to purchase separately.

    In detail, producers can expect to find a huge palette of samples from Adam's Studio for Dance, Trance, House and Techno productions which include 40 Heavyweight Bass Loops, 70 Thumping Drum Loops, 64 Inspirational Music Loops, 22 FX Samples, 20 Synth One Shots, 134 Single Drum Samples, 65 Bass Multis, 48 Synth Multis and a bonus collection of 40 Bass and 40 Synth MIDI Files.

    About the Producer:

    Adam White was signed to Perfecto Records at the end of 2007, the same year he flew a team of DJs to the Ukraine for a huge trance event that he headlined, and was also personally invited by Paul Oakenfold to support him on the Perfecto Greatest Hits tour.

    Perfecto was founded by record producer and DJ Paul Oakenfold in 1989. Since then Perfecto has released singles and albums from such artists as BT, Tilt, Robert Vadney, Timo Maas and Carl Cox. It has also released mix albums from Sandra Collins, Seb Fontaine, DJ Skribble, and Oakenfold himself.

    "I filled this Sample Pack is full of hottest sounds, melodies and effects that are a major factor in all of my productions and remixes for Perfecto.  Alongside the many samples in this pack you'll find loops and MIDI-files, all with that familiar Perfecto sound.  I am sure they'll be something in this for everyone, no matter how advanced you are as a producer" - Adam White, Perfecto

    If you are a fan of the Perfecto sound which has made them one of the biggest and longest surviving record labels in the dance industry, then make sure that you check out this pack, created by Adam White and sampled by you Royalty-Free.

    Please Note: When selecting the appropriate download version for your requirements the Zip (Main) format includes Acidised WAV and Rex2 Loops – all single (non looping) sounds and Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, NN-XT, Exs24  soft samplers.

    Reason Refill, Ableton Live Packs and Apple Loops are not included, and must be purchased where available as a separate downloads. Apple Loops packs also include any single hits and EXS patches where applicable.

    If in doubt we recommend you purchase the Zip(main) format which is usable with nearly all music applications and software.

    Tech Specs:
    • 24-Bit Quality
    • Over 1GB
    • 80 MIDI Files
    • 40 Bass Loops
    • 70 Drum Loops
    • 64 Music Loops
    • 5 Bass Multi-Sampled Instruments
    • 20 Synth Hits
    • 22 FX Shots
    • 3 Synth Multi Sampled Instruments
    • 135 Drum hits
    • 266 Rex 2 Files
    • 43 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, NN-XT and Sfz formats

    Apple Loops, Ableton Live 7.0.2, and Reason 4 Refill Available Seperately.

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