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Marshall Jefferson: House Generation

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    Marshall Jefferson: House Generation

    Marshall Jefferson House Generation from Loopmasters is a collection of house samples for producers who are looking to make inspired house music.

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    Product Information

    Marshall Jefferson House Generation from Loopmasters is a collection of house samples for producers who are looking to make inspired house music.

    Marshall Jefferson has kept his sample library a closely guarded secret until now! House Generation is from the Loopmasters "Artist Series" and it features a huge selection of Marshall Jefferson samples.

    House Generation Contents


    • 1,100 WAV files

    • 450 Rex 2 Samples

    • 63 Patches

    • 100 Drumloops

    • 50+ Synth and Real Bass Parts

    • 40 Guitar Loops

    • 27 Synth loops

    • 19 House Brass Loops

    • 27 String Parts

    • 95 Percussion Loops

    • 20 Vox Loops

    • 33 Piano Loops

    • 60 Drum Hits

    • 350+ Vocal Samples


    House Generation Formats








    • Emu X2

    About Marshall Jefferson


    There are very few individuals who have been referred to as the “Godfather” of house music, and while many have legitimate claims to the title, one name stands out from the crowd, his name is Marshall Jefferson (pictured below), and for the first time ever you can get your hands on his private collection of house loops and samples.
    MARSHALL JEFFERSON - Producer of Loopmasters House Generation

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    Press Reviews

    “Every single sound on this DVD is a hit...

    by AudioTechNews

    “Every single sound on this DVD is a hit component!”

    That’s what ‘Godfather of House’ DJ and Producer Marshall Jefferson reckons about this new DVD sample collection - Loopmasters House Generation – the latest collection of party-rocking samples in the acclaimed Artist Series.

    Loopmasters have raided the sample banks of the planet’s most inspiring producers to bring you the absolute best in genre-defining sounds. With this third installment of the Artist Series Loopmasters continue to give you the freedom to delve into a massive 1.2GB of samples, including everything you need to make your own totally authentic release-quality tracks.

    When I first thought about doing a loops CD...

    by Marshall Jefferson (Creator of House Generation)

    When I first thought about doing a loops CD with Loopmasters I wanted one that had no throwaway loops – and I honestly think every single loop on this CD is a hit component.

    Secondly, I wanted the ‘specialists’ – people I’ve known over the years that are extremely talented and I knew would come up with authentic House music.

    It was also an honour and a privilege getting my old friend Byron Stingily to sing on this collection. If Byron isn’t the greatest House singer ever, then he’s definitely in the top two! And Paris Brightledge of ‘It’s Alright’ fame is my all-time favorite song stylist, he’s House music’s Marvin Gaye.

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