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DX Heaven

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DX Heaven

'DX Heaven' is a retro-futuristic collection of modern sounds for Native Instruments FM8. Packed with interstellar arps, warm leads, barbaric bass light-speed synths and more.

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Product Information

'DX Heaven' is a retro-futuristic collection of modern sounds for Native Instruments FM8. Packed with interstellar arps, warm leads, barbaric bass light-speed synths and more. 

'DX Heaven' takes you through the looking glass into a brave new world of FM synthesis.
'DX Heaven' delivers a epic spectrum of sound, with 100 fully customised presets, 100 MIDI loops, 100 WAV loops and a customised MIDI CC mapping. The presets include arps, basses, pads, leads, synths, strings, drums, FX and organs for FM8, all meta-tagged, labelled and organised into single files and one bank file.  
From the producer who brought you 'DX7 Synth Explorer', you can be sure of a fully loaded selection of sounds ideal for music, film, TV and games. Each preset has been created with customised mod wheel and pitchbend mappings for extra expression, and the main easy/morph page clear for instant customisation. A customised MIDI mapping file is also included to enable automation of FM8 parameters directly from your MIDI controller. 
The 100 MIDI loops are matched to the presets, giving you an array of melodic and rhythmic parts to use in any DAW for you to edit, reverse and transpose as you wish. 100 WAV loops are also included to provide you with instant audio playback of the presets and accompanying MIDI.
'DX Heaven' is ideal for Electronica, Techno, Deep House, Electro, Breaks and Drum & Bass. These sounds stay true to the DX sounds of the '80s, using predominantly sinewave modulation with sparring production FX applied.
'DX Heaven' combines the past, present and future of FM synthesis for modern music productions. Check out the demo to hear more.
Please Note:
Please ensure you have the latest version of NI FM8 before ordering.
Product Details:
• 100 FM8 Presets
• 26 Arps
• 20 Leads
• 18 Bass
• 11 Drums
• 11 Synths
• 5 Pads
• 4 FX
• 2 Organs
• 2 Strings
• 1 Brass
• 100 WAV Loops
• 100 MIDI Files
• 1 MIDI CC Assignment File

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