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Double Tiger: Dub Vocals

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    Double Tiger: Dub Vocals

    'Double Tiger: Dub Vocals' is a scorching selection of Dub vocals for your music featuring the raw talent of Jay Spaker, aka Double Tiger.

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    • 958.48MB (Unzipped)
    • 6 min 44 sec @ 16mbs
    • 286 files

    Product Information

    'Double Tiger: Dub Vocals' is a scorching selection of Dub vocals for your music featuring the raw talent of Jay Spaker, aka Double Tiger.

    These Dub vocals are brought to you by Jay Spaker aka Double Tiger, a vocalist, composer and producer in Brooklyn, New York. His journey started at 14 playing in many Reggae bands supporting heavyweights like Burning Spear, Israel Vibrations, Culture and more. These early experiences had a profound effect on the young musician & a lifelong love of Jamaican music. Double Tiger is a co-founder of Dub-Stuy records and guitar/vocalist in John Brown's Body (Easy Star Records) as well as being one half of the critically acclaimed tour de force, and being on guitar/vocal duties with John Brown's Body.
    'Double Tiger: Dub Vocals' is the ultimate vocal showdown for your rival sound system, with a treasure trove of layered vocals parts to build your next Dub-inspired hit. It's packed with seven full song Construction Kits, featuring choruses, verses, harmonies and adlibs expertly delivered and captured in 24-Bit Quality. Each recording includes dry and expertly effected versions to throw into your next soundclash, giving you the freedom to experiment long into the night.
    You can be sure that every element of these sounds has the authenticity and vibes you need. This collection comes at 85-136 BPM, ideal for Summer jams anchored by a wobbling riddim in Dub, Reggae, Dancehall, Roots, Soul, Jungle and many other genres. Each song is key labelled to get your melodies right, from the start to the reload.
    Share the gospel of sound system culture with 'Double Tiger: Dub Vocals'. It's time to drown your ears in bass. Download the free taster pack and check out the audio demo to hear more.
    Product Details:
    • 954 MB
    • 24-Bit 44.1kHz
    • 7 Dub Song Vocal Kits
    • 24 Chorus Loops Dry
    • 24 Chorus Loops Wet
    • 18 Vers Loops Dry
    • 16 Verse Loops Wet
    • 15 Harmony Loops Dry
    • 14 Harmony Loops Wet
    • 5 Adlib Loops Dry
    • 5 Adlib Loops Wet
    • 121 REX2 Files

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