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Reconstructed Drum & Bass

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    Mask Movement

    Reconstructed Drum & Bass

    'Reconstructed Drum & Bass' by Mask Movement Samples and D-Struct is an original collection of sounds, beats, and building blocks for making music, especially Drum and Bass and similar genres with broken beats and filthy basslines.

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    • 946.58MB (Unzipped)
    • 1 min 21 sec @ 85Mbps
    • 829 files / Royalty-Free

    Product Information

    'Reconstructed Drum & Bass' by Mask Movement Samples and D-Struct is an original collection of sounds, beats, and building blocks for making music, especially Drum and Bass and similar genres with broken beats and filthy basslines.  

    This sound pack acts as an organized system for writing, crafting, and adding flavour to productions that call for a modern intensity and a sound design-focused approach. Artists and producers of any genre will find inspiration from the depth and variety offered. D-Struct is a stateside Drum and Bass producer and former member of the group Robot Death Squad and Identity. He's known for his own style since the early 2000s, his music can be found on famous DnB labels, such as Moving Shadow, Dispatch, Barcode, Nerve Recordings and more.

    The content reflects a diverse range of musical influences, such as Classic Breakbeats, Detroit Techno, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Film Soundtracks, and much more. The tone, loudness, and texture are comparable to the bold sound and attitude of music coming from labels such as Metalheadz, Subtitles, Dispatch, Renegade Hardware, Tech Itch, CIA, CNVX and RAM Records. Genre and feel references include: Techstep, Neurofunk, Darkstep, Jungle, Rollers and Dancefloor tunes. Inspired by the music and vibe of artists such as Calyx & TeeBee, Dieselboy, Noisia & Phace, Techical Itch, Kemal & Rob Data, Black Sun Empire, Ed Rush, Bad Company UK.

    Many of the sounds highlighted in this collection are from synthesizers of various pedigree. It includes a mixture of analogue, digital, and modular gear spanning several decades. Recordings of physical objects and spaces also appear, with most being altered and reprocessed beyond recognition. Creatively, this library can also act as a collage or set of mood boards which represent moments of emotion, colour, resolve, and interest.

    The loops and material have been carefully composed, processed, and refined with an intuitive nod towards the science of sound. Chasing tone, vibe, and atmosphere are lifelong pursuits for many musicians and producers, and this project is no exception. To make this body of work a reality, D-Struct brought out many of his favourite techniques, using a hybrid of digital and analogue equipment like his E-MU sampler, rack processors, vintage mixing desk, guitar pedals, and many other bespoke effects collected over the years.

    Getting to the numbers, 'Reconstructed Drum & Bass' spans well over 900 MB of content. It includes 35 atmospheres, 80 bass and synth hits, 49 effects and risers, 89 music loops, and over 170 drum and percussion loops.

    Product Details:

    • 44.1kHz/24-Bit
    • REX Files
    • 171 Drum Loops
    • 89 Music Loops
    • 35 Atmospheres
    • 80 Bass & Synth Hits
    • 22 Found Percussions
    • 50 Kick Drums
    • 49 Snares
    • 43 Hi-Hats
    • 42 Mixed Percussions
    • 10 Shakers
    • 49 Effects 
    • 100% Royalty-Free

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