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Dirty South Drum Loops (Multi-Format)

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    Prime Loops

    Dirty South Drum Loops (Multi-Format)

    Dirty South Drum Loops is the latest platinum collection for producers representing the hottest Crunk, Dirty South, R&B and Hip Hop Beats. Jam-packed with 135 bangin Drum Loops of the utmost importance for tommorow's producers.

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    Dirty South Drum Loops is the latest platinum collection from Prime Loops for producers representing the hottest Crunk, Dirty South, R&B and Hip Hop Beats.


    Prime Loops are extremely proud to present their most celebrated production package yet, jam-packed with over 135 hard-hitting, club-ready Drum Loops set to dominate the airWAVes and bless many anthems to come.

    Inside, you will be exposed to an extensive collection of bullet-proof 808 Drum Loops (designed using original 808 & 909 Drum Machines) mixed with lots of fresh flavours for maximum impact.


    The Drum Loops are absolute killers, and as an added benefit they have also included a wide selection of unique loops, including the ‘Combination Drum Loops’ folder where you can layer, audition, and create new rhythms effortlessly within seconds.


    This extra section comprises of individual looped snares, bass kicks, claps, percussion loops, sub bass, hi hats, and shaker loops, all of which blend seamlessly together to enhance your creative workflow.

    This highly anticipated release is the 4th in their best-selling ‘Dirty South series’ which has been featured on a large number of successful releases. Dirty South Drum Loops provides a solid addition to your sample library and will arm you with powerful tools to create countless hits for maximum exposure.


    If you produce Dirty South, R&B, Hip Hop or Crunk and would benefit from owning over 135 high-profile, crystal-clear, professionally optimised drum loops, this release will take over the clubs and deliver the heat every time.



    Reason Refill Edition


    If you use Reason then you can download the Reason Refill version of Dirty South Drum Loops here.

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