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Synth Bass Analogy (Multi-Format)

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    Prime Loops

    Synth Bass Analogy (Multi-Format)

    'Synth Bass Analogy' is a must have pack for producers looking to add pure organic soul and sonic temperament to their electronic productions. Prime Loops have created a library of sounds from some of the most revered hardware synths ever produced.

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    Producers dream of owning classic kit like the Roland Juno 106, Roland MKS-30, Korg Mono/Poly, Polyvox and Novation's Super Bass Station, and engineers spend years tweaking the settings to create perfect, powerful vibrations.

    'Synth Bass Analogy' is Prime Loops' latest collection of professional sample patches, delivering over 80 deep and versatile analogue bass sounds, all ready-formatted for Kontakt, Halion, NN-XT and EXS24, fine-tuned for use in deep and groovy electronica, house, ambient, garage, disco and minimal techno.

    Each of these patches contains several note references to maintain integrity as you play across a wide pitch range, and have been up to drift and detune just like the real thing.

    Everything has been captured with high-quality recording equipment and the cleanest signal path possible, to give you serious samples suitable for professional projects. And, as with all our products, this pack is triple quality-checked for drag-n-drop reliability, so there's no interruption to your workflow.

    Music lovers always appreciate the complex combination of sines, squares and saws flowing through real hardware, and analogue synths really shine when you give them a bassline, triggering deep, warm sounds that fill the room and add colour to your productions.

    So, whenever the mood strikes, just throw these lovingly prepared patches into your sampler, and hear your MIDI patterns come alive with the classic sounds of 'Synth Bass Analogy'.

    About the Producer:

    Dmitry Vasilyev is one of those sonic freaks who has dedicated his musical life to discovering new sounds by pushing real hardware to the limit. As the producer of best selling Prime Loops sample packs such as 'Synth Addict', 'Ambient Illusions' amongst others, he's making his vast knowledge and huge range of equipment available to a wider audience, giving fellow producers the tools they need to get that authentic analogue vibe without a huge, expensive rack.

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