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Korg Karma MOSS Techno Soundset


Korg Karma MOSS Techno Soundset

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'Techno' for the Korg Karma MOSS features powerful, bright, fat techno/ dance stabs, hits, & leads... fat basses, punchy techno drums, hypnotic techno arpeggios, cool pulsing WAVes and stabbing dance leads, and a lot more...


Techno features powerful, bright, fat techno/ dance stabs, hits, & leads... fat basses, punchy techno drums, hypnotic techno arpeggios, cool pulsing WAVes and stabbing dance leads, and a lot more... super techno, trance and powerful dance songs!

128 All-New Patches for the Korg Karma MOSS!

Pro-Rec has been the #1 supplier of synth sounds in the world for over 16 years. Buy these sounds with total confidence!


Please note: Karma MOSS is required to load this soundset.

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Press Reviews

Now that the Trinity has the capability to take...

by Trinity Haven Website

Now that the Trinity has the capability to take advantage of the awesome sound engine power of the legendary MOSS, the guys at Pro-Rec have tapped into a virgin market by selling a new line of PCGs designed specifically to
take advantage of the extra M-bank.

No one else currently caters to the MOSS card market. Since the MOSS bank can only hold 64 sounds (128 for those with the FlashROM option) each PCG disk comes with two 64 program PCGs.

Dance: $44.90

There were some good sounds on here, but some of the others sounded very similar to programs that could be created on the non-M banks.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you're like me, you can never have enough MOSS sounds on your Trinity. No need to sacrifice a precious MOSS track if it isn't necessary. But this set is still useful. Tons of Bass sounds as well as some interesting stabs and synths. Surpisingly, there are some really good acoustic guitar programs to be found.

Some of my favorite sounds are Mute Stabber (P10) and Flexitone Pulse (P48). I don't mean to down play the DANCE PCG. Maybe I'm just biased because the TECHNO and FILM disks are so impressive.

Techno: $44.90

Now were talkin'! Lots of goodies on this set. I found many of the sounds useful in real world dance compositions. Lots of basses, zaps, and synths to keep any dance producer busy. In program mode you can really appreciate
the use of effects and modulation controllers. I found a lot of original sounds that I have never heard before. If you like techno music and you have a Karma MOSS, then you are doing yourself a great disservice if you deny yourself this PCG!

Film: $44.90

The title of this PCG is somewhat of a misnomer, unless the type of film you are thinking about is some psycho future space thriller. Or if your favorite soundtrack is Logan's Run then the title might apply to you. If your thinking of sweeping orchestral sounds, forget it. This is not for you. I personally enjoy strange bizarre sounds and this baby has it all.

Some of the sounds scarred the SH**T our of me! Very creepy! There are plenty of gurgles and spine tingling textures to inspire your next avante garde creation. Some of the sounds are a bit over the top for actual soundtrack use, but if you are into dark or quirky ambient, you will love this PCG.

But not every thing on this is strange or harsh. A few of the Programs are super mood-inspiring lush. The Film set will push the limits of your MOSS card to the extreme. Out of all the Pro-Rec MOSS disks, this one is my favorite. Highly recommended.

Buying advice: Both Film and Techno are great additions to your PCG library. Dance is above average. But the special 3 for $99 bucks make the decision easy. If you bought the Film and Techno that would be 90 bucks right there. So for another $10 bucks you might as well get the Dance. There's bound to be something you like for that kind of chump change!

- Trinity Haven Website

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