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Ambient Glitch Vol 1

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Producer Loops

Ambient Glitch Vol 1

'Ambient Glitch' from features some of the darkest 24-Bit atmospheric loops and samples ever committed to a Sample Pack. Ideal for Ambient, Glitch, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Grime, Industrial and Soundtrack producers.

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Product Information

'Ambient Glitch Volume 1' from features some of the darkest and most atmospheric loops and samples ever committed to a Sample Pack! Includes a choice of ACIDized WAV or Apple Loops, recorded in pristine 24-Bit quality.


'Ambient Glitch Volume 1' was produced for by ultra-experienced sound designer, Jeff Rhodes. Jeff has worked extremely hard to provide you the most original and inspiring glitch content possible.


This product includes loops and samples that will work within the following genres: Ambient, Glitch, Gothic, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Grime, Industrial and Techno.


Tempos range from 70 BPM to 180 BPM, with the majority of loops falling in the 90-120 BPM range.


About the Producer:


Jeff Rhodes has been working as a professional sound designer and soundtrack producer for just over a decade now. He is particularly well-known for his three "Pro Sessions" loop libraries that were released through M-Audio.  He has also released another six products independently with Todd Milne, with whom he co-founded Perimeter Sound Arts.


Jeff relies on his diverse interests in not only music & audio, but the visual arts too, to guide his muse. Constantly looking to change his style/sound without losing the defining elements. Jeff has found working in audio to be an endless journey of discovery.


MP3 Demos:


Please note, the MP3 demos were created using selected loops and samples from the pack. No additional material was used and no effects were added to the parts. It was left dry to give you a real indication of what's included and the kind of tracks you can make using this material.


The Production Process:


Jeff Rhodes, producer of Ambient Glitch Vol 1, describes the production process:


"Fascinated equally with sound, as well as with musical compositions, heavy/glitchy/industrial/lo-fi type material was of great interest to me. By learning to use 'Bit crushing' techniques, instead of just distortion, "improper" use of beat choppers to get a more lo-fi sound, and even learning to overuse compression as an effect, I was able to put together what you hear in this sample pack.


Ultimately, combining it all, along with some weird artifact-like percussion, and some stuttery repeats, I was able to harness some of that elusive *glitch* power. To me, *glitch* doesn't have to be dizzying and headache inducing at every step, sometimes it's just a little quirky, organic - yet a little unsettling. But in the end, it need not get in the way of the actual mood being portrayed, or the music being made."




• Atmospheres

• Beats

• Clanks

• Percussion

• Synths

• Zingers

• Delayed Hits

• Forward Hits

• Reverse Hits

• Sweeps




• Acid

• Apple Loops





• 44.1 kHz/ 24-Bit

• All loops sync to BPM

• Filenames indicate Tempo & Key

• PC/Mac Compatible


How to Order:


Simply click "BUY NOW" at the top of this page then enter your details. Your Download Link will be sent to you by email immediately after your payment has been received.

Press Reviews

"Producer Loops Ambient Glitch 1 moves to the...

by Electronic Musician, November 2009

"Producer Loops Ambient Glitch 1 moves to the dark side with the release of Ambient
Glitch 1 ($25 approximate, download). The 1.2GB collection of 24-bit, 44.1kHz ACIDized WAV and Apple Loops files will work in a variety of genres, including gothic, dubstep, hip-hop, grime and techno. Most loops are between 90 and 120 bpm, with faster and slower outliers. In adding ambient to the name, developer Jeff Rhodes notes, “Glitch doesn’t have to be dizzying and headache-inducing at every step.” He uses and misuses bit-crushing, beat-chopping, heavy compression and weird percussive artifacts to deliver the glitch message without going over the top."

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