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Ambient Glitch Bundle (Vols 1-3)

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Producer Loops

Ambient Glitch Bundle (Vols 1-3)

'Ambient Glitch Bundle (Vols 1-3)' combines all 3 products from this series into a staggering 1.17GB of dark and twisted content per format. You'll find a vast number of jittery grooves, patterns and sound beds perfect for use in both mainstream and more eclectic styles.

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  • 1.69GB (Unzipped)
  • 1 min 55 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 1297 files / Royalty-Free

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Product Information

'Ambient Glitch Bundle (Vols 1-3)' combines all 3 products from this series into a staggering 1.17GB of dark and twisted content per format. You'll find a vast number of jittery grooves, patterns and sound beds perfect for use in both mainstream and more eclectic styles.


The Ambient Glitch series introduces producers to some of the darkest, most cutting edge atmospheric sounds yet heard in a sample pack across 3 stunning volumes. Now, with this bundle you can own it all. Includes 1.17GB of highly original and inspiring glitch content created by expert sound designer and sound designer, Jeff Rhodes.




Each volume contains a variety of 100% Royalty-Free loops that are sensibly and intuitively organized into categories such as:


• Atmospheres
• Beats
• Clanks
• Percussion
• Synths
• Zingers
• Delayed Hits
• Forward Hits
• Reverse Hits


Taking influence from his years of professional sound design experience as well as his love for visual arts, the resulting sound is highly useable in anything from Trip Hop, Dubstep and Industrial right through to soundtrack and game music.


About the Producer:

Jeff Rhodes has been working as a professional sound designer and soundtrack producer for just over a decade now. He is particularly well-known for his three "Pro Sessions" loop libraries that were released through M-Audio.  He has also released another six products independently with Todd Milne, with whom he co-founded Perimeter Sound Arts.

Jeff relies on his diverse interests in not only music & audio, but the visual arts too, to guide his muse. Constantly looking to change his style/sound without losing the defining elements. Jeff has found working in audio to be an endless journey of discovery.


The Production Process:

Jeff Rhodes, producer of Ambient Glitch Vol 3, describes the production process:

"Fascinated equally with sound, as well as with musical compositions, heavy/glitchy/industrial/lo-fi type material was of great interest to me. By learning to use 'Bit crushing' techniques, instead of just distortion, "improper" use of beat choppers to get a more lo-fi sound, and even learning to overuse compression as an effect, I was able to put together what you hear in this sample pack.

Ultimately, combining it all, along with some weird artifact-like percussion, and some stuttery repeats, I was able to harness some of that elusive *glitch* power. To me, *glitch* doesn't have to be dizzying and headache inducing at every step, sometimes it's just a little quirky, organic - yet a little unsettling. But in the end, it need not get in the way of the actual mood being portrayed, or the music being made.


MP3 Demos:

Please note, no additional material was used in the MP3 demos and no effects were added to the parts. They have been left dry to give you a real indication of what's included and the kind of tracks you can make using this material.


• ACIDized WAV
• Apple Loops



• 44.1 kHz/ 24-Bit

• All loops sync to BPM

• Filenames indicate Tempo & Key

• PC/Mac Compatible

License Agreement

Press Reviews

(For Ambient Glitch Volume 2)

by Future Music Magazine - January 2010

(For Ambient Glitch Volume 2)

"Producer Jeff Rhodes delivers the goods again with this highly original library of beats, loops and riffs. To add even more glitchy goodness, a lot of the material here is heavily processed using effects like bitcrushing and excessive compression and the end result is an excellent library of inspiring loops and hits.

Available in Apple Loops or ACIDized WAV format, the sample generally range from 80-140bpm, providing a wide variety of different options and making them incredibly versatile. Even if you wouldn't describe your music as Ambient or Glitch, there's bound to be something here which you'll find useful."

Declan McGlynn (Future Music, January 2010 Edition)

SCORE 9/10

(For Ambient Glitch Volume 3)

by Computer Music Magazine - May 2010

(For Ambient Glitch Volume 3)

"This latest installment from sound designer Jeff Rhodes continues down the mangled 'n' processed route established in Volumes 1 & 2. Spread across six folders (bass, beats, clanks, percussion, synth and zingers), tempos go from 70 to 180 bpm, with loops ranging from one to eight bars.

Although this pack does ambient and glitch very well, we feel that the appeal is more general. From the tasty reverse singers (or hits) to the looped synths and beats, if you're after a dash of electronic flavour, there's lots to choose from. Jeff Rhodes has also made excellent use of the stereo field in this pack."

Score (8/10)

(For Ambient Glitch Volume 3)


by Future Music Magazine (June 2010)

(For Ambient Glitch Volume 3)

"We were big fans of the last volume of Ambient Glitch, so when Producer Loops' latest release arrived in the FM inbox we were keen to give it a listen. Comprising drums, percussion loops, lo-fi synths, heavily processed bass loops and individual hits, Ambient Glitch 3 is a weird and wonderful collection of samples which would be great for producer of atmospheric Dubstep, Hip Hop and Jungle.

As we mentioned in our review of Volume 2, there's no need to be put off by the title if you don't produce Ambient or Glitch style music - this is an incredibly versatile collection, which should come in handy for producers of any genre. And at a that price, you can't argue with that."

Score (9/10)

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