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Reggae Rockers

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    Renegade Audio

    Reggae Rockers

    'Reggae Rockers' by Renegade Audio features all the flavours of classic and modern Reggae vibes ready for the sound system arena.

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    'Reggae Rockers' by Renegade Audio features all the flavours of classic and modern Reggae vibes ready for the sound system arena.

    A combination of live organic and electronic grooves, these are sounds that weave together that special sonic feel of traditional Roots Reggae backed by heavy drum and bass grooves heard in so many of today's musical styles like Steppers, Dubstep, Trap, Grime and more. 

    Push the tempo up a little to hit that classic 90s Jungle of 160 BPM and even further to reach today's Drum & Bass 175 BPM mark. The loops are locked in and ready. The variety of layers and sounds will add depth and character to any production.

    Inside you'll find organ bubbles, guitar wah-wah skanks and riffs, Rhodes skanks and pads, pianos, horn riffs, congas grooves, tambourines, bongos, vocal shots, thick bass tones, hammering drum grooves, anthemic horns, hypnotic percussion and more. Build a track from the ground up or layer in bits and pieces to add a rich flavour to your productions.

    Product Details:

    • 45 Bass Loops
    • 65 Cymbal Loops
    • 77 Drum Kit Loops
    • 5 Drums & Bass Loops
    • 10 Kick Loops
    • 18 Drum Rolls
    • 21 Snare Loops
    • 8 FX Loops
    • 39 Guitar Loops
    • 36 Horn Loops
    • 28 Organ Loops
    • 12 Piano Loops
    • 7 Rhodes Loops
    • 7 Var Loops
    • 63 Perc Loops
    • 26 Synth Loops
    • 28 Vox Loops
    • 17 Bass Hits
    • 20 Cymbal hits
    • 14 Kick Hits
    • 26 Snare Hits
    • 19 FX Hits
    • 18 Guitar Hits
    • 13 Horn Hits
    • 32 Key Hits
    • 15 Perc Hits
    • 12 Synth Hits
    • 18 Vox Hits

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