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Grime Ammunition

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    Soul Rush Records

    Grime Ammunition

    'Grime Ammunition' is full of raw energy, aggression and tough rhythms, melodies and sounds. Highly influenced by producers such as Spooky, Dot Rotten, D.O.K, Sir Spyro and Wiley.

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    • 650.79MB (Unzipped)
    • 4 min 30 sec @ 16mbs
    • 524 files

    Product Information

    'Grime Ammunition' is full of raw energy, aggression and tough rhythms, melodies and sounds. Highly influenced by producers such as Spooky, Dot Rotten, D.O.K, Sir Spyro and Wiley.

    Lets be honest, it's very rare you hear a top draw Grime track without a lead or vocal stab. For this reason  a huge pack of vocal loops and one shots are included.
    A range of harder hitting drum sounds has been compiled, along with subtler claps and snare sounds, perfect for mid bar variation. As well as fresh hi hat, ride and crash cymbal loops and sounds to bring your beats to life, included are warlike metallic impacts all the way to more low key percussive loops that are heavily inspired by Wiley instrumentals, along with their own fresh flavours ready to add that extra energy to your beats.
    Grime is known for its wide range of musical influences, so a mixture of strong melodic riffs and sounds have been added as well as an array of FX and ambience, another crucial part of Grime composition. The vast selection of FX one shots, loops and risers is perfect for adding the finishing touches to your Grime track.
    This pack was created for you exclusively by Soul Rush Records alongside producers KXVU and Noble, two Grime producers heard regularly on BBC 1Xtra. They are fresh and full of fire. Representing Southpoint Records, the pair continue to make waves within the Grime scene collecting support from Spooky, Slimzee, Slackk, Jackdat and many more.
    "When working on the synthesis of the sample pack (synth/bass shots) I wanted to do more than just create old Eski waves and actually create sounds that are up to date in the relevant music scene. With a recent crossover between genres such as UK bass, Grime and Trap, I wanted to create sounds that felt authentic but relevant in the ever changing style of UK Grime."
    Product Details:
    • 24-Bit Quality
    • 650 MB
    • 40 Bass Loops
    • 25 Brass Loops
    • 19 Vocal Loops
    • 10 Risers
    • 20 FX Loops
    • 14 Atmos Loops
    • 20 Music Loops
    • 25 String Loops
    • 10 Sub Bass Loops
    • 15 Synth Loops
    • 21 Drum  Loops
    • 25 Percussion Loops
    • 12 Kick Loops
    • 10 Cymbal Loops
    • 12 Hi-hat Loops
    • 7 Clap Loops
    • 12 Snare Loops
    • 20 Vocal One Shots
    • 15 Sub Bass One Shots
    • 7 Claps
    • 5 Crash Hits
    • 5 Ride Hits
    • 12 Hi-hat Hits
    • 12 Kicks
    • 25 Percussion Hits
    • 12 Snares
    • 15 Synth Hits
    • 20 FX Hits

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