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Ethereal Instruments

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    Ethereal Instruments

    'Ethereal Instruments' blurs the lines between performance and samples, organic and electronic with the latest offering of bespoke Ableton Live instruments. It places tangible textures & stunning instruments right into your favourite DAW.

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    'Ethereal Instruments' blurs the lines between performance and samples, organic and electronic with the latest offering of bespoke Ableton Live instruments. It places tangible textures & stunning instruments right into your favourite DAW.  

    Utilising over 2 GB of pin-point accurate recordings of live and bowed notes, textures, location recordings and analogue synths in conjunction with Ableton Lives samplers and macros, 'Ethereal Instruments' provides you with a first hand opportunity to explore a new world of expansive pads, cinematic ambiences, bowed instruments, found sound textures and bespoke recordings. 
    The collection is divided down into 12 Ableton Live Racks, each with its own set of six corresponding macros that control everything from rich piano overtones to analogue choruses, alternate waveform variations and a whole wealth of beautifully sculpted Ableton Live FX. 
    With the greatest flexibility in mind, the most creative set of Ableton Instrument macros have been individually created to compliment the original recordings ensuring each instrument is as expressive and malleable as possible.   
    Inside this beautiful collection you'll find an Ableton Live Sample Pack at 2.05 GB, including 12 Ableton Instrument Racks, multi-sampled across multiple octaves including six macros per instrument (including stereo reverbs, overtone control, rhythmic control, granular delays, speaker emulation & more)
    Roland Analogue:
    Optional combination of 4 analogue waveforms ideal for vast rich chord progressions and dense analogue pads. Macros allow a mix between fuzz pad & soft pads, offering huge flexibility.
    Multi-sampled female vocal ideal for ethereal, expansive and ambient pads. Float over the top of beautiful melodies and add that cinematic tone with ease.
    CS30 Rich Analogue Waveforms:
    Ideal for epic leads and emotive chord progressions.
    Bowed Guitar:
    Bowed guitar notes for ethereal, cinematic and beautiful melodies. Inspired by Brian Eno & Sigur Ros. Ideal for film score, Electronica and organic ambience.
    Multi-sampled piano at low velocities. Noise, texture and emotion exposed to provide a gentler side to this beautiful stringed instrument. Macro control of harmonic overtones for added expression and brightness.
    Multi-sampled and layered stringed instruments. Beautifully expressive with tones familiar to fans of Bonobo. Fifth and octave delays offer truly unique and otherworldly overtones to match the oriental influences.
    Multi-sampled FM synthesis. Rich chime tones against beautiful modulation. Analogue chorus FX for added movement and authenticity.
    Dry Bowed:
    Dry and up close recording for extra texture and grit. Ultra personal, this unique texture provides a tangible top layer for enhancing pads and leads.
    Thumb Piano:
    Beautifully recorded tuned percussion cuts through the mix against the other lengthier sounds. 
    Little Synths:
    Twee, swelling and lush. Ideal for Future Bass inspired leads but highly flexible for all palates and genres.
    Manipulated location recordings. This group of textures is perfect for layering over pads, side chaining, macro shifting for textural build ups and so much more. Also included is a more lo-fi version in the 'Tape Textures' macro control.
    Little Drums:
    Foley inspired drum one-shots, the perfect accompaniment to all this delicious texture and expanse.

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