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    'Cloudtronica' takes it to the sonic stratosphere with over 1 GB of slo-mo beats, floating melodics, deep bass, atmospheric grooves and woozy vocal hooks perfect for lo-fi Electronica, cosmic Hip Hop, future beat and organic downtempo tracks.

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    • 1.32GB (Unzipped)
    • 10 min 31 sec @ 16mbs
    • 1753 files

    Product Information

    'Cloudtronica' takes it to the sonic stratosphere with over 1 GB of slo-mo beats, floating melodics, deep bass, atmospheric grooves and woozy vocal hooks perfect for lo-fi Electronica, cosmic Hip Hop, future beat and organic downtempo tracks.

    Inspired by the forward-thinking, genre-melding music of Bonobo, Flying Lotus, Cinematic Orchestra, FaltyDL and Thundercat, this expansive sample collection is bursting with a vibrant palette of fractured beats, soulful synths, emotive live instrumentation, rich and deep bass, trippy vocals and spaced-out atmospherics to enrich the inspiration of producers across the electronic spectrum.
    Expertly created from a mix of hardware, digital and live sources including live guitars, bass and percussion, foley sounds, analogue synths and drum machines, this unique collection is one which rewards exploration and experimentation.
    Expect to find slo-mo Hip Hop beats, shuffling percussive grooves, dusty keys, warm and fuzzy analogue synth leads, funky bass licks, liquid subs, cosmic arpeggios, soaring strings, ethereal pads, atmospheric FX, woozy pitched vocals and more.
    All loops are tempo-synced at either 90 or 105 BPM and all melodic loops are key labelled throughout.
    Fractured downtempo beats melding Hip Hop, Electronica and future beat. 38 full drum grooves offered with stripped-out stems (kick/snare, hats-only, perc-only, kick-free) for seamless beat making.
    Deep subs, fuzzy DX lines and live licks, varied low-end loops oozing bump and groove. Key labelled throughout and offered with MIDI versions where possible.
    Melodic Cuts:
    An expansive folder of complex melodic inspiration. Dusty keys, cosmic arpeggios, soaring vintage-style strings, soulful synths, cut-up resampled melodic motifs, layered loops and more. Key labelled throughout and offered with MIDI variants where possible.
    Emotive chords, lo-fi processed pads, celestial atmospherics and evolving elements. Key labelled throughout.
    Three sub-folders of processed foley ambiences (rural recordings, urban sounds), risers (digital and analogue transition tools) and soundscapes (highly processed foley and extended FX tools).
    Ambient and esoteric vocals imbued with woozy, low-pitched quality. Tempo-synced and key labelled for ultimate ease of use.
    Characterful kicks, crunchy hats, thick snares, shimmering cymbals and quirky foley percussion rubs shoulders with rich live and synthetic melodic one-shots of keys and strings. Perfect for loading into your sampler of choice to get that sampled-based lo-fi hip-hop and electronica vibe rolling.
    Product Details:
    • 500 WAV Loops
    • 40 Bass Loops
    • 40 Bass Loops MIDI
    • 38 Drum Loops + Variations (190 Loops)
    • 15 Ambience Loops
    • 20 Riser Loops
    • 10 Soundscape Loops
    • 119 Melodic Loops
    • 69 Melodic Loops MIDI
    • 43 Pad Loops
    • 37 Perc Loops
    • 26 Vocal Loops
    • 213 WAV One-Shots
    • 18 Claps
    • 10 Crashes
    • 26 Foley Samples
    • 14 Hats
    • 16 Kicks
    • 48 Percussion
    • 5 Rides
    • 8 Rims
    • 21 Snares
    • 52 Music Hits
    • 5 Custom Drum Kits for Maschine 2, Battery 4, Ableton Drum Rack & Kong
    • 9 Drum Hit Type Patches for Kontakt, NN-XT & Ableton Drum Rack

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