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Disco Madness

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Disco Madness

Sample this! The unstoppable sound of classic funk & disco, recorded by a crack team of session musicians oozing the grace, class, and sexy vibes of THE original dance music genre.

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Product Information

Sample this! The unstoppable sound of classic funk & disco, recorded by a crack team of session musicians oozing the grace, class, and sexy vibes of THE original dance music genre.

Touching on the propulsive musical legacy of Chic, Boney M, and The Isley Brothers we present a sample collection comprising of full-band loops, stomping disco drums, soulful 70s guitars, a horn section, and classic polyphonic synthesis.

Recorded and comped through a tape machine, classic analogue desk, and vintage microphones, along with MIDI where possible, we are very proud to present the ultimate collection for disco instrumentals.

Bass Loops: Straight funky electric bass! Groovy disco lines and bumpin' rhythms as recorded by a real-life musician with a variety of amps and bass models. Served at 120 BPM with key/tempo information as well as MIDI. 

Drum Loops: Propulsive acoustic beats and stonkin' 4/4 drums! The classic sound of the disco drum kit; tweaked and amplified for the 21st-century music producer. Served with variants, fills, and in a variety of sonic flavours. 

Horn Loops: We hired an awesome horn section and professional-grade arranger for 100% authentic 70s brass loops! Equal parts harmony and style, these are some of the best disco horn ensemble samples around. 

Percussion Loops: Classic congas, tambourines, and cowbells for good measure! A smorgasbord of disco percussion loops. 

Guitar Loops: Dashing disco-licks, soulful riffs, and rhythmic chord progressions Nile would be proud of! An epic selection of tastefully processed guitar riffs to drive your soul & disco productions. 

Piano Loops: Uplifting, inventive, and classy keys oozing old-school musical ingenuity and "The Philly Sound" class! Served at 120 BPM with MIDI. 

Arp Loops: Arpeggiated euphoria and synthesised polyphony! Quintessential for Giorgio Moroder inspired italo-disco hybrids. Served with MIDI. 

Synth Loops: Warm analogue leads and dusty comping riffs all tastefully recorded from classic vintage synthesisers. Key/tempo labelled at 120 BPM and served with MIDI.

Product Details:

• 8 Arp Loops + MIDI
• 30 Bass Guitar Loops + MIDI
• 106 Drum Loops
• 117 Guitar Loops
• 44 Horn Loops
• 14 Percussion Loops
• 30 Piano Loops + MIDI
• 16 Synth Loops + MIDI

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