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W. A. Production

What About: Cinematic Tension & FX 2

'Cinematic Tension and FX 2' by W. A. Production is a set of dramatic and epic cinematic sounds that will empower the creation of epic soundtracks.

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Product Information

'Cinematic Tension and FX 2' by W. A. Production is a set of dramatic and epic cinematic sounds that will empower the creation of epic soundtracks. 

Whether you are looking to score a film or create the perfect soundtrack for gaming. 'Cinematic Tension & FX' gives you the building blocks for the job. Complete with Strings that build that white-knuckled anxiety, horns with a smooth attack, subtle choir voices, sounds of desolation, synth growls that can level buildings, distorted and gloomy guitars, demanding snare pops, and gripping percussive elements, endless FX such as explosions, impacts, alarms, vibrations of live electrical currents, and more.
'Cinematic Tension and FX 2' also contains 5 multi-sampled bass shots and loops ranging from smooth, sub-bass, and deep sinister bass. Get on board with the best sounding growls and distorted bass shots to hit the market. From pads to growls and everything in between, the pack also includes some of the best percussive elements such as hi-hats, toms, bongos, and kicks as well as a sound set for Serum and a host of MIDI sequences.
This pack is an exhilarating masterpiece of tension, fear, suspense, and intrigue. Depict scenes from a pandemic, a post-apocalyptic wake, an invasion, a takeover, hostages, or deliver the sound of precise strategy and action.
Product Details:
• 132 Bass One-Shots & Loops & Multi-Sample Bass Hits
• 160 Synth One-Shots & Loops & Multi-Sample Synth Hits
• 110 Drum One-Shots & Loops
• 30 FX
• 20 Serum Presets
• 16 MIDI Loops
• 100% Royalty Free

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