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Classic Disco

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Classic Disco

Zero-G Classic Disco contains 35 Construction Kits in disco underground, funk'n'soul, proto house, hi-nrg and funky disco styles from 107 to 125 BPM, plus tons of additional piano, electric piano, guitar, bass, drum & percussion loops.

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Product Information

Welcome to the most creative decade of dance music 1977-1987, when disco went underground and became black dance music - the foundation for house and R'n'B.


For the first time ever you'll be able to get hold of the tracks as if someone gave you multi-track tapes from late 70's and early 80's disco underground dance tunes.

Classic Disco contains 35 Construction Kits in disco underground, funk'n'soul, proto house, hi-nrg and funky disco styles from 107 to 125 BPM, plus tons of additional piano, electric piano, guitar, bass, drum & percussion loops - and all in pristine 24Bit audio.




• 35 Full Construction Kits
• Bass & Guitar Loops Matched Pairs
• Eighties Machine Drumloops
• Piano Loops
• Electric Piano Loops
• Vocal Chants
• Percussion Loops





• EXS24

• Kontakt

• Reason





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Please note, this product is downloadable in 8 parts, each weighing in at around 300MB per download. Therefore, please ensure that your internet connection is fast enough and that you have enough bandwidth and hard drive space for this product as we cannot refund for any technical errors caused by any limitations in your own setup.


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Press Reviews

"Check out the charts and you'll notice...

by Music Tech Magazine, UK

"Check out the charts and you'll notice that a fair few hits from the last decade featured disco arrangements. Zero-G's Classic Disco sample library goes right to the roots of the disco sound, offering a selection of Instrumental loops, construction kits, drum beats and percussion rhythms. The library is provided in a variety of formats, including ACID WAVs, Apple Loops and REX2, as well as including instruments for EXS24, Kontakt and Reason's NN-XT.

The highlights of the collection lie among the construction kits, which boast the files necessary to create 35 different tracks. As well as the individual instrument tracks, both full-kit drum loops and individual parts are supplied, enabling you to construct and reconstruct the tracks with as much detail as you require. The remaining loops, all provided at 115BPM are more generic disco material, useful for a range of sounds from retro 70s cuts to less cliched modern disco.

The files are provided clean, which makes tailoring them for your own productions much easier. The flip side of this is that without any processing, the loops sound a little bright and cheesy, which may or may not be what you're looking for. Oddly, while many of the construction kits contain synth parts, only electric bass, electric guitar and pianos (both acoustic and electric) are provided outside the construction kits.

Verdict – Used with caution, this could add a little sparkle to your productions – just be careful not to sprinkle too much cheese."

"This latest effort from Zero G harks...

by Computer Music Magazine, UK

"This latest effort from Zero G harks back to the classic funky disco sound of the 70s and 80s, and we have to say that it does do a pretty good job of recreating it. All of the construction kits included here sound slick and polished, and the library also boasts separate folders of bass, guitar, percussion, drum machine, piano and vocal samples. We’d really liked to have seen some real string loops on offer, though, which is surely not too much to ask considering that you’re paying a fairly substantial £80 for 1.6GB of unique content. This minor gripe aside, though, Classic Disco is still a hit."

"Like so many messy Saturday nights, a...

by Future Music Magazine, UK

"Like so many messy Saturday nights, a fight broke out in the office over this one - 1.6GB of classic disco loops, bass, pianos, guitars and percussion? Ow! If you're wanting to recreate the sound of the '70s then every warm woody bass and slurping open hat you need is here. But we're more interested in getting those bass and claps into a more contemporary Electro setting – and we're pleased to report they fit right in. There's a little too much '80sPop/R&B material here that stretches the 'Disco' title a little, but the classic core is well worth shaking down."

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