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Morphology (Complete)

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Morphology (Complete)

Zero-G Morphology provides evolving soundscapes, dream synth patches & samples for film composers and sound designers, all created from scratch by IAN BODDY, one of the UK's most celebrated synthesists.

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Product Information

Zero-G Morphology provides evolving soundscapes, dream synth patches & samples for film composers and sound designers, all created from scratch by IAN BODDY, one of the UK's most celebrated synthesists.


Ian's exclusive sound archives and arsenal of vintage and modern synths have been extensively plundered to create this awe-inspiring library. MORPHOLOGY is a stunning world of soundscapes that morph and evolve over time, ranging from the awesomly beautiful to the teeth-grindingly nasty. And a range of gorgeous synth pads using meticulously crafted multi-sampled analogue WAVeforms. All presented in powerful and easy to use instrument patches for NI KONTAKT (KOMPAKT-compatible). In short, sounds that will inspire you to make your own music.

Users of NI KONTAKT or NI KOMPAKT please note:

The Morphology library here is presented in WAV format together with Kontakt instrument (.nki) patches. This download version is not a plugin or so called "ROMpler" and no Native Instruments 'player' software is included. You can use the WAV files with any software, or load the complete instrument patches (.nki files) into NI Kontakt or NI Kompakt.


Large Download


Please note, this product is downloadable in 8 parts, weighing in at around 350MB per part (2.8GB total). Therefore, please ensure that your internet connection is fast enough and that you have enough bandwidth and hard drive space for this product as we cannot refund for any technical errors caused by any limitations in your own setup.

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Press Reviews

"Outstandingly moody and emotional...

by Keyboard Magazine, USA

"Outstandingly moody and emotional sounds, effects and ambiences... A potential lifesaver in music-for-picture applications, and killer for music composition too....The size of the sound library is impressive... There's a lot of quality material here. Harmonic Loops holds some of the most beautiful sounds in the entire collection. They'd be great for communicating longing, sorrow, tears of joy. Strong but quiet emotions. They're the kind of thing that'll likely turn up in a lot of TV movies... Big kudos to Boddy's collaborator Markus Reuters for his contributions here... it could be argued that Boddy's done all your work for you... but some composers will likely thank their lucky stars for the completeness of some of these patches. They're a potential boon to the music-for-picture crowd. But in the final analysis, this work is so well done, so imbued with mood and emotion, that it's a pleasure to recommend it"

"It's worth buying simply for the...

by Music Tech Magazine, UK

"It's worth buying simply for the sounds. They'll blow you away!... The samples were created by veteran synthesist and electro-musician Ian Boddy... Ian's style makes much use of textures; he's a past master of analogue synthesis and seems to be able to wring the last ounce of potential out of a sample... The samples are best described as evolving, morphing, multi-waveform sounds - full of interest and excitement. They range from the subtle, calm and inspirational to down and dirty, hard industrial tones and drones... A good selection of pads and arpeggiations, bells, clusters, pitched and noise-based effects. The Harmonic Loops are particularly musical and inspirational, while the Voices collection ranges from the angelic to the demonic. Ian Boddy has certainly brought all his skills and expertise to bear in the creation of these sounds... There's no denying the quality of the material here... A stunning collection of sounds suitable for use in a wide range of music, particularly styles with a synth or electronic foundation. Some textures would even fit well into a rock or pop context... Ian Boddy says that the collection was designed to "inspire you to make your own music" - and if you have a soul, that's what it will do. If the muse has left you, play these to encourage its return"

"Seemingly endless, evolving textures...

by Grooves Magazine, USA

"Seemingly endless, evolving textures kissed with just the right effects to create emotionally charged soundscapes... an evocative journey of constant movement through time and space... Morphology is as ideal for film work as it is a source of unique transitions for trance and house anthems, brilliant backdrops for downbeat, or quickly adding character to pop tunes"

"Morphology should please anyone who's...

by Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

"Morphology should please anyone who's into realistic-sounding analogue synths or evolving textures, and even if you already have Spectrasonics' Atmosphere, it offers a different take on the genre. All in all, this is a pretty impressive workshop of weirdness that manages to be both different and musically useful"

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