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Orchestral Flavours

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Orchestral Flavours

Orchestral Flavours is a beautiful collection of orchestral tuttis, sections, hits, sustains and phrases, ready for you to sample & play - an entire orchestra at your fingertips!

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Our price $9.11 USD(until 6th Jul)

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Product Information

A beautiful collection of orchestral tuttis, sections, hits, sustains and phrases, ready for you to sample & play - an entire orchestra at your fingertips!


The ambience of the hall adds superb realism. A huge amount of time, sweat and tears went into making this product. It's any incredibly comprehensive set of orchestral sounds for the price.


If your work could benefit from a full orchestra (commercials, video or film/ TV scores), this disc could save you a lot of money, and will make a low budget soundtrack sound expensive.





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Press Reviews

"Orchestral Flavours kicks off with an...

by Sound on Sound Magazine, UK

"Orchestral Flavours kicks off with an impressive selection of multisampled hits in major, minor and diminished keys, as well as in unison, before treating us to a selection of lovely hits with glissando. If sample replay synths have given hits a bad name, this collection should do a lot to restore your faith. Various string hits fillow, as do sustained strings, string arpeggios, sustained chords, tone clusters and a large selection of orchestral percussion. The latter included timpani, snares, rolls, cymbals, gongs, triangles and castanets.

The sounds available here are better than on some premium-priced sample CDs I've heard and are beautifully recorded."

Orchestral Flavours Rated 4.5 out of 5

"Another budget disc from the low cost...

by Future Music Magazine, UK

"Another budget disc from the low cost Zero-G Creative Essentials collection, Orchestral Flavours could well become a big seller in the light of the current abundance of strings-influenced trip hop and experimental sounds.

This CD is divided into two self-explanatory sections - Strings and Orchestra, and Percussion - the former being entirely made up of single hits and multi-samples. The quality of sounds is superb, with every aspect of orchestral sound covered, from single string samples to combinations of orchestral elements played with a span of dynamic and technical nuances, from eerie cello and viola octave strokes to full glissandos and tremolos.

Dramatic arpeggios and tone clusters provide some excellent samples for epic track moments, all recorded with the kind of ambience that lends theatrical gravitas to the sounds. The Percussion section comprises timpani hits and rolls, bass drum samples, military snare-type hits and rolls and cymbal scrapes and crashes, plus a selection of tambourines, triangles and castanets.

A perfect collection for anyone making classical-tinged contemporary tracks, working in soundtrack or theatre music, or any musical or multimedia area where clean orchestral sounds are required."

Rated 88%

"You get all the power of an orchestra...

by Computer Music Magazine, UK

"You get all the power of an orchestra split into various areas, such as pizzicato, hits, runs, chords, single tones and even a wide range of orchestral percussion.

Although extensive, it's not an exhaustive set of samples, but it will cover virtually all the areas you need to recreate a convincing score. You still have to look up the required sample in the booklet thanks to the somewhat bizarre listing system. Rather than giving details of the actual sample, the file names refer to the CD the sample originally came from. It's still quick to find the file you want though (just audition it from CD) and the samples are pure class, making Orchestral Flavours highly recommended."

Rated 8 out of 10

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