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Interface Guitar

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Interface Guitar

Following the success of his "Interface Dance" CD, producer Mark Summers now brings you Interface Guitar, this superbly performed and recorded sequel.

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  • 372.50MB (Unzipped)
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  • 1086 files

Product Information

Following the success of his "Interface Dance" CD, producer Mark Summers now brings you "Interface Guitar", this superbly performed and recorded sequel.


Styles Featured:


• Rock

• Indie

• Disco

• Blues/Jazz

• Miscellaneous


Types of samples featured:


• Riffs/Licks

• Bendy Notes

• Leads

• Slides

• Chugs

• Chordy Riffs

• Wah Riffs

• Chords

• Bendy Licks

• Double tracked Riffs

• Acoustic Riffs

• Distorted Riffs

• Short Jabs

• Fuzzy Lead Lines

• Tremolo Distorted Chords

• Slide Hits

• Arpeggios

• Fuzzy Chords

• String Bends

• Runs

• Picked Bass

• Fingered Bass

• Bass Slides

• Damped Bass

• Distorted Bass

• Clean Bass


Guitars featured:

• 1985 Aria Pro 2
• 1967 Eko Ranger 12 String Acoustic
• 1972 Fender Strat
• 1971 Fender Standard Telecaster
• 1977 Fender Telecaster Custom
• 1976 Gibson ES 175 D
• 1964 Harmony Sovereign Acoustic
• 1976 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
• 1981 Musicman Bass
• 1988 Fender Strat
• 1982 Fender Telecaster

• 1963 Harmony Sovereign Custom Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah




• Acid

Suitable Genres

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Press Reviews

Interface Guitar is a lot closer to...

by Future Music Magazine, UK

Interface Guitar is a lot closer to giving you full song ideas, with the definition of the samples generally allowing less room to manoeuvre outside of the intended musical genre.

The samples are divided into distinct style categories: rock, indie, and so on, and comprising full eight-bar patterns with bass, drums, guitars and any trimmings, and then loops of the constituent parts, usually with two different guitar parts running simultaneously in left and right panning positions.

Definitely aimed at the samplist who wants more straightforward guitar work in an easily accessible package.

Following on from the critically...

by The Mix Magazine, UK

Following on from the critically acclaimed Interface Dance sample CD, Zero-G have done it again with Interface Guitar. Split into five sections, covering, respectively, Rock, Indie, Disco, Blues/Jazz and Bass/Miscellaneous, this really is a top notch collection of superbly played and produced riffs and licks. The range of guitars used include 1972 Strats, 1971 Telecaster's, 1976 Les Paul Gold Top and 1981 Musicman bass. Fantastic.

The rock section is as hard as nails, with some amazingly inventive and original riffs, many of which include drum accompaniment as well as just the guitars. The keys of all the riffs and licks are clearly laid out in the CD's inlay, and a broad enough range are covered to make the samples highly usable. The indie section is not as limiting as it may sound; a variety of lightly distorted guitar textures are provided, which could easily lend themselves admirably to a variety of musical genres. There are some lovely wah guitars in this section, too, and the whole lot are expertly played. Some wonderful acoustic samples are also offered, mainly on a 1967 Eko Ranger 12 string, which sounds absolutely beautiful.

The disco section ranges from the seriously funky to the wonderfully cheesy dective show theme-type-thing. In blues/jazz, we find some nifty slide playing as well as super harmonics and funky picking. Lastly, the bass/miscellaneous section contains a range of fingered, picked and distorted single notes and slides, and the lucky dip has all manner of effected chords and riffs, with some nice Flamenco thrown in for good measure.

The other great thing about this CD is that many of the samples are in mono and only emanate from one channel. This effectively doubles the length of the CD, as you can have two samples going on concurrently.

Absolutely unmissable if you need some decent guitar sounds. Get Interfaced.....

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