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Club Techno

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Club Techno

Zero-G Club Techno features a mind blowing collection of around 900 brand new techno, tech-house, hardcore and electro samples ready to insert into your club tracks.

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Product Information

Following on from their general success in the field of creating floor-filling production tools Zero-G presents CLUB TECHNO.. An essential collection of up-to-the-minute sounds including compelling Construction Kits and samples.


Dedicated to the producers of underground dancefloor techno music worldwide, CLUB TECHNO features a mind blowing collection of around 900 brand new tech-house and hardcore and electro samples ready to insert into your club tracks.


If you produce techno for the dancefloor, you know how hard it is to stay current. Club Techno will provide you with an enormous and invaluable source of fresh sounds, in a package that combines:



• REASON patches & samples
• NI KONTAKT/INTAKT instrument patches
• ACIDized WAV format samples
• REX loops (for loading into STYLUS RMX)



• Construction Kits

• Drum Loops

• Groove Loops

• Atmos

• Bass

• Drop FX

• Misc FX

• Leads

• Synths

• Pads

• Percussion

• Rise FX

• Vox

• Stabs

• Sweeps




Club Techno provides you with chunky drums and loops, pounding bass lines, cutting synths and hypnotic bubbling filters and many other elements to get your creative energy flowing.

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