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Raw Power

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    Raw Power

    Raw Power delivers a six barrelled assault of blistering power and vitriol, from hard edged beats to the squelchiest analogue synths, the nastiest guitars and fuzziest basses to the growl of the Hammond B3, a sonic avalanche of sound!

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    Product Information

    Raw Power from Loopmasters delivers a six barrelled assault of blistering power and vitriol, from hard edged beats to the squelchiest analogue synths, the nastiest guitars and fuzziest basses to the growl of the Hammond B3, Raw Power delivers a sonic avalanche of sound!


    The Rocking sounds of London '77 meet the grimey east coast sounds of '78 to the Britpop explosion of '94 and through to the alternative and Nu-metal of the 21st Century, with everything sampled exquisitely through the most authentic equipment available.


    What's Included?


    Raw Power features over 1,500 copyright free samples of Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths, Vocals and FX in a host of styles and tempos, categorised in folders such as New York Underground, Alternative USA, England's Dreaming, Artskool, and New WAVe. Raw Power is a sample collection like no other currently available.


    Some of the artists that inspired this original production are as follows: Stooges, Television, Blondie, Gang of Four, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, Pixies, Beck, Oasis, Blur, Muse, Radiohead, Nirvana, Hendrix, Beatles.


    Technical Specifications:


    Raw Power features over 1,500 copyright free rock samples including over 900 WAV files, 750 Rex2 Samples, 200 single hits, 22 NN-XT patches and Redrum drum patches.




    Whether your aim is to create straight up rock tracks, Indie, Metal, Blues, Goth, Hip Hop or more contemporary music with plenty of added grunge and realism, this unique library from Loopmasters will not disappoint.


    If you need chugging feedback, anthemic riffs, killer drums, amp blowing chords, dirty funk, bubbling synths and reverberating noiseloops, then you need to sample Raw Power today!

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    Press Reviews

    Guitar sample CDs often tend to be hit and miss...

    by Computer Music Magazine (March 2005)

    Guitar sample CDs often tend to be hit and miss affairs, but this one certainly manages to strike all the right chords. Drawing inspiration from Britpop, punk and heavy rock, this CD contains around 1500 samples in total.

    These are spread over five main construction kits and the ‘Toolbox’: this contains a generous helping of synth bleeps, effects and vocals. The guitars are recorded exceptionally well and offer the kind of gritty texture that’s often missing in releases of this ilk.

    We like the concept of this CD, and it’s been very well realised. Well worth checking out. VERDICT: 8/10

    Fancy some loud and live guitars, basses and...

    by Music Tech Magazine (April 2005)

    Fancy some loud and live guitars, basses and drums on your next project? Rough and raw material in the style of The Stooges, Television, Gang of Four or the Sex Pistols? If so, you’ll find an abundance of copyright-free rock samples (more than 900 .WAV and 750 REX2) on Raw Power, the latest sample CD in the Origin Series, from Loopmasters.

    Producers Jay Price and Jez Miller have put together a cracking collection of rocking sounds, from the 70s punk era right through to the alternative and nu metal of today. Everything was sampled using the most authentic equipment available in a variety of styles and tempos, then categorized into folders such as New York Underground, Alternative USA, England’s Dreaming, Artskool and New Wave.

    Everything is well recorded using only minimal EQ and effects, leaving you free to treat the samples in whichever way you choose. And the inclusion of REX2 files, of course, means that you can use these short loops at just about any tempo that’s musically sensible. The documentation is good too, with all the loops having descriptive titles and subtitles according to tempo and key.

    There’s also an extra Toolkit folder containing acoustic guitar chords, five drum kits and useful vocal snippets, such as cries of ‘rock‘n’roll’ and sweetly sung ‘ohh-la-la-la’s.

    It all adds up to a particularly useful library, ideally suited to constructing rock tracks, musical collages, soundtracks or just about any other project where rock‘n’roll attitude and realism are necessary ingredients.

    A well-produced, value-for-money rock sample cd.

    Another non-ReFill, this is instead an...

    by Computer Music Reason Special (Summer 2005)

    Another non-ReFill, this is instead an outstanding selection of REX loops and WAV files, inspired by the best of British rock and Britpop. Before you recoil in horror, let us explain. Comprised of a healthy variety of tasty rock(ish) drum loops, guitar riffs, vocal snippets, sounds and anything else you can think of, this collection’s perfect for getting a little funky rock flavour in your tracks. Whether you fancy yourself as the next Franz Ferdinand, a latter day Blur, Fat Boy Slim 2 or a more consistent Dandy Warhols, this is the collection for you.

    Anybody in almost in any genre with an ounce of funk or imagination in their blood should take a look at this superb and original collection.

    (Score 5/5)

    This title from the Loopmasters Origin series...

    by Sound on Sound Magazine (August 2005)

    This title from the Loopmasters Origin series comprises a total of 650MB of sample data in various different sample formats. All the original recordings are in the 120-150bpm range and are presented at 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution. The CD liner notes suggest the contents are suitable for anything from rock to indie, blues, goth, hip-hop, or metal. Having auditioned the loops, I'm less convinced about the last two genres. While there are some loops that might fit those styles, Raw Power is not the most obvious collection for fans of Eminem or Linkin Park. However, I would add punk (perhaps with a nostalgic '70s edge) and grunge to this list.

    The loops are split into five main folders: New York Underground, Alternative USA, England's Dreaming, Artskool, and New Wave, with subfolders for drum (patterns and fills), guitar, bass, and synth loops. Within each main folder, the loops are all presented at a single tempo, and the collections within each folder contain loops that would obviously work well together in terms of style. Amongst the bass and guitar loops, there were some obvious groups, with four or five related loops that contained similar phrases and/or styles of playing, and this made it easily to build a coherent musical section with enough variability to sound 'real' rather than obviously 'looped'. It was perhaps a shame that this process wasn't more fully implemented within the drum loops — while these certainly contain plenty of excellent material, both in terms of performance and recording quality, there is less in the way of related loops. That said, it is not too difficult to build the basics of a complete drum track by mixing and matching within and between the various folders. If you need lots of flexibility here, you're likely to find yourself reaching for your favourite beat-slicing software.

    In piecing together some brief demos, I found myself thinking of a number of specific bands. These would include some of the 'inspirations' listed on the liner notes — the Sex Pistols, Blondie, and Nirvana — but also other bands such as The Strokes and Queens Of The Stone Age. Much of this was down to the guitar and bass loops — while these covered all sorts of styles and sounds (clean and overdriven), the playing was grungy and not too technical. This is a compliment not a criticism — they're just right for that punk/indie/grunge vibe.

    If there is a minor downside to the collection, it is that perhaps the library tries to cover a little too much musical ground in a single CD — other 'inspirations' listed on the liner notes include Beck, Oasis, The Pixies, Blur, Muse, Radiohead, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix! Even with more than 900 WAV loops, this is a pretty diverse musical palette to cater for. Still, if you like your rock to have character and a rough edge or two, Raw Power represents good value for money.

    Just in time for our rock issue, this little...

    by EQ Magazine (September 2005)

    Just in time for our rock issue, this little gem appeared with over 900 WAV files, 750 RX2 files, 200 hits, and a couple dozen NN-XT patches and Redrum kits. Files are organized by genre: Alternative, Artskool (heavy), England's Dreaming (punk and pop), New Wave, and New York Underground (sort of a rock grab bag).
    You get bass, drums, guitar, and synths, along with some vocal effects (screams, yeah, countdown, etc.). Although Raw Power works well as a set of self-contained construction kits, I could also see using the files as accents to other songs. Don't get this for the NN-XT/Redrum patches; they're more bonus goodies. The WAV and REX files are the stars, and the slice editing isn't too bad.

    It's hard to pull off rock loop CDs, but this one's good. Last week I needed a "generic rock bed" under the narration for a video; Raw Power would have been perfect. The loops mesh well together, and the playing is crisp. This CD won't win any awards for innovation, but it's cost-effective and works - if you need some rock "library" music, buy this instead. You'll be able to customize the sound more, and have fun while you're doing it.

    Electronic Musician Magazine - 4 out of 5

    by Electronic Musician Magazine (September 2005)

    Electronic Musician Magazine - 4 out of 5

    Raw Power ($69.95) is a collection of over 1500 samples and loops in several rock styles, primarily for use in Propellerhead Reason. The CD includes NN-XT and Redrum patches, REX2 samples, and WAV files. Produced by Jay Price and Jez Miller for Loopmasters, the sounds were recorded at various studios throughout London specifically for use in this library.

    Raw Power is divided into five main folders, each based on a musical style. Each folder contains sub-folders that include drums, guitars, basses, and synth samples. Within each instrument's subfolder are individual folders for WAV- and REX-format files. The samples were recorded at 44.1 kHz, 16-bits, and the loops are anywhere from one to four measures in length. A sixth folder, Toolbox, contains Reason NN-XT and Redrum patches with full drum kits, vocal effects, guitar noises, acoustic guitar sounds, and synth hits. A PDF file with CD registration and additional Loopmasters product information is included, as well as a demo WAV file using samples from the Raw Power collection.

    The Power of Inspiration

    The five main folders-AlternativeUSA, Artskool, NewWave, NewYorkUnderground, and England-sDreaming-hint at the styles and bands that inspired this library (including the Stooges, Blondie, the Sex Pistols, and Radiohead). Each Guitar folder contains a mixture of electric guitar power chords and riffs, as well as acoustic strums. The bass folders include synth and electric bass guitar riffs played with a pick and fingers through a variety of amps and stomp boxes. The Synth folder has loops ranging from classic '70s Clavinet funk to early techno sounds. The Drums folders are divided into two additional folders, one for loops of beats, and the other for fills. The drums are played on a mixture of live kits and electronic drum machines.

    Each style folder has its own tempo, with all of the samples conforming to the same bpm. The names of the individual samples hint at the feel, genre, or song they are modeled after. For example, AlternativeUSA, recorded at 145 bpm, includes a very Who-like guitar riff named "Can't Refrain." This folder also includes wah-basses, Rhodes riffs, and a variety of tasteful drum beats.

    Artskool (135 bpm) contains much heavier guitar sounds, reminiscent of Hendrix and Van Halen, as well as bass growls and slides, fat Oberheim synth lines, and various hard-rock drum beats with flanging and other effects. NewWave (120 bpm) contains cleaner guitars with jazz-like '80s tones, tremolo riffs, and fuzz-box leads. The folder's synth sounds contain classic new wave lead lines, and the bass and drum loops are as raw and innocent as the music itself was when it first appeared.

    England'sDreaming (140 bpm) offers guitar loops reminiscent of early Rolling Stones, Beatles, and other British bands from the '60s. Add a few classic stereo B-3 licks in the Synth folder, as well as some stock drum beats and fills, and it's the British Invasion all over again. NewYorkUnderground (130 bpm) is full of classic New York-style rock and alternative licks and beats. The crunchy guitars, echo-laden Rhodes, filtered Wurlitzers, and solid drum loops reminds the listener of the breakthrough acts that New York City spawned after the punk revolution landed from England.


    Raw Power is an interesting collection of samples that is true to its inspiration. Although my first impressions were that the sounds lacked polish and refinement, as I began to explore the CD further I remembered that polish was not what these musical styles were about: they were about sound and attitude, and Raw Power does an admirable job of recreating both.

    There are plenty of clean, open chords, licks, and riffs as well as dirty, power chords in the Guitar folders to piece together any kind of rocking tune. The guitar samples are well recorded, with good tone, feel, and the power to sound loud (according to the liner notes, they were recorded loud). The acoustic guitar samples are especially well recorded.

    The basses offer a wide array of licks and tones, most of which are appropriately basic and straight ahead, and along with the drum beats and fills, they can drive the pounding rhythms that these styles of music are known for. Add in the classic keyboard sounds and memorable synth lines, and this collection captures the sound and feel of a musical generation that believed in baring its soul through music.

    A library named Raw Power brings to mind heavy...

    by VI magazine (USA)

    A library named Raw Power brings to mind heavy metal; in reality it covers a wide variety of modern rock genres. Producers Jay Price and Jez Miller have chosen an unusual organizational structure. There are five main stylistic folders, called Alternative USA 145 bpm, Artskool 135 bpm, England’s Dreaming 140 bpm, New Wave 120 bpm, and New York Underground 130 bpm.

    Each of these contains folders of roughly 150 mostly 2-bar bass, drums (both patterns and fills), guitar, and synth loops. But these are not simple construction kits—for example the basses may be synthetic, fuzzed, straight, or flanged; the drums may be big-room acoustic kits or techno-processed machines. The styles range from the ’70s through the present, solidly anchored in the ’80s. Many of the drum loops in a given folder are related, although this is not always obvious from their names.

    Most of the guitar and many of the bass loops are presented in different keys (a big plus), but you get only a single 2-bar loop for each key (not great for variety). Finally, a Toolbox folder contains nearly 200 single-shot samples and corresponding Reason patches. In short, there’s a lot of material here, but it will take some thought and work to realize its full potential. If you are doing short commercials, or higher-energy trance-like styles (such as early Chemical Brothers), you’ll very happy!

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