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Progressive Afro & Tribal

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    5 Pin Media

    Progressive Afro & Tribal

    'Progressive Afro & Tribal' by 5Pin Media and Mass Digital toughen things up and the tempo with their next Tribal instalment.

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    'Progressive Afro & Tribal' by 5Pin Media and Mass Digital toughen things up and the tempo with their next Tribal instalment.

    Mass Digital is a producer with a passion for releasing top-notch Organic Tribal House. Appearing on labels such as TRYBESof, ADID, Bar25, Sol Selectas, ZEHN Records, Kindisch, Akbal Music, Toolroom, CR2 and Iboga Records Mass Digital's organic melodic style is a breath of fresh air and not to be missed.  
    Progressive Afro and Tribal features ten projects and additional loops that have been produced with the greatest attention to detail hosting WAV, Apple and MIDI formats for maximum flexibility and minimal fuss. In total there are 337 loops, 192 one-shots and 59 MIDI files across the ten projects plus an additional loops folder contains 40 Drum loops, 10 bass loops and 10 synth loops both with corresponding MIDI. 
    For best versatility in use, both wet and dry versions of musical parts are provided. Use the projects in whichever way you choose, remix, mashup, strip-back, edit, re-sample, the possibilities are endless at every level, most importantly the key to getting great results lies in the source material being of the highest track release quality from Mass Digital himself.
    All content is 100% Royalty-Free! Audition the demos to experience the quality on offer, grab your copy now and start working on your next Afro Ethnic masterpiece!
    Please note that the Full Mixes featured in this product cannot be used to create tracks for Library Music Companies. For The Full Licence please see the EULA.
    Product Details:

    • 24-Bit Quality
    • 10 Projects
    • 397 Loops WAV & Apple Loops
    • 192 One-Shots WAV
    • 79 MIDI files
    • 10 Full 32 Bar Mixes
    • 100% Royalty-Free

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