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Champion Dub

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Aim Audio

Champion Dub

'Champion Dub' by Aim Audio features a dangerously different fusion of roots Reggae culture and modern bass heavy Dub styles loaded with some serious royalty free vibes for your sample collection!

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  • 370 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Champion Dub' by Aim Audio features a dangerously different fusion of roots Reggae culture and modern bass heavy Dub styles loaded with some serious royalty free vibes for your sample collection!

Taking your audience on a meditative journey of euphoric unleashed bliss, 'Champion Dub' fuses the two unique, but connected, styles of Dub and electronic music, giving you an electrified loop pack that will ignite any rave with classic Dubbed out sonics and championed melodic lines along with trance-inducing crushing beats and basslines that will add that heart pounding hypnotic vibe to your productions.

Inside you'll find an eclectic mix of dry and Dubbed electric bass, synth bass and even neuro bass samples, fat dirty beats, separate drum part loops, hats, kicks, tops along with tailor made scratch versions, timeless fx shots and loops- all sorts of keys skanks, horn stabs, grooving percussion loops, pads, Arps and classic synth sounds, Spooky haunting vocal fx and lots more.

In detail you'll find 501MB of top quality WAVs in 24-Bit, consisting of 20 Drum Variation Loops, 18 Synth Loops, 17 Percussion Loops, 14 Electric Bass Loops, 13 Hat Loops, 13 Synth Bass Loops, 12 Keys Loops, 11 Kick Loops, 9 Synth Arp Loops, 9 Snare Loops, 9 Vocal Fx Loops, 8 Fx Loops, 4 Horn Loops, 3 Top Loops, 2 Full Drum Loops, 2 Tom Loops, 23 Scratch Fx Loops, 17 Scratch Drum Loops, 15 Scratch Perc Loops, 10 Scratch Synth Loops, 6 Scratch Bass Loops, 6 Scratch Snare Fills, 4 Scratch Vocal Loops, 3 Scratch Sax Loops, 2 Scratch Keys Loops, 31 Dub Fx, 24 Instruments, 22 Drum Hits, 16 Perc Hits, 10 Bass Hits and 1 Vox Shot.

Product Details:

• 20 Drum Variation Loops
• 18 Synth Loops
• 17 Percussion Loops
• 14 Electric Bass Loops
• 13 Hat Loops
• 13 Synth Bass Loops
• 12 Keys Loops
• 11 Kick Loops
• 9 Synth Arp Loops
• 9 Snare Loops
• 9 Vocal Fx Loops
• 8 Fx Loops
• 4 Horn Loops
• 3 Top Loops
• 2 Full Drum Loops
• 2 Tom Loops
• 23 Scratch Fx Loops
• 17 Scratch Drum Loops
• 15 Scratch Perc Loops
• 10 Scratch Synth Loops
• 6 Scratch Bass Loops
• 6 Scratch Snare Fills
• 4 Scratch Vocal Loops
• 3 Scratch Sax Loops
• 2 Scratch Keys Loops
• 31 Dub Fx
• 24 Instruments
• 22 Drum Hits
• 16 Perc Hits
• 10 Bass Hits
• 1 Vox Shot

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