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Trip Hop & Scratch

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    Aim Audio

    Trip Hop & Scratch

    'Trip Hop & Scratch' by Aim Audio is a Trip Hop Sample pack produced by the master of vibes and Juno award winner Dubmatix, bringing back the sound of 90s Trip Hop to your productions.

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    • 1.04GB (Unzipped)
    • 1 min 24 sec @ 85Mbps
    • 525 files / Royalty-Free

    Product Information

    'Trip Hop & Scratch' by Aim Audio is a Trip Hop Sample pack produced by the master of vibes and Juno award winner Dubmatix, bringing back the sound of 90s Trip Hop to your productions.

    With over 1GB of content, this timeless sample pack includes epic layered strings and pads, deep heavy hitting Downtempo drum breaks, haunting melodic leads, over 100 complementary melodic and drum scratch loops performed by Illorn The Hip Assassin, spooky mallets, catchy electric guitar riffs, synth chords and much more.

    In detail, you'll find 1.04 GB of 24-Bit 44.1KHZ WAVs including 50 Separate Part Drum Loops, 41 Variation Drum Loops, 30 Synth Loops, 26 Bass Loops, 17 Percussion Loops, 13 Drum Loops, 11 Fx Loops, 10 String Layer Loops, 7 Pad Loops, 7 Elec Guitar Loops, 5 Mallet Loops, 4 Top Drum Loops, 2 Keys Loops, 23 Scratch Drum Loops, 18 Scratch Fx Loops, 16 Scratch Synth Loops, 13 Scratch Perc Loops, 12 Scratch Bass Loops, 12 Scratch Guitar Loops, 8 Scratch Pad Loops, 7 Scratch Keys Loops, 7 Scratch String Loops, 95 Drum Hits, 30 Instruments, 26 Bass Hits, 12 Percs and 9 Fx.

    Taking influences from the masters of the trip Hop scene such as Massive Attack, this pack will also be perfect for other Downtempo and Hip Hop genres. Break the mold today, with these authentic Trip Hop Samples!

    Product Details:

    • 50 Drum Loops
    • 41 Variation Drum Loops
    • 30 Synth Loops
    • 26 Bass Loops
    • 17 Percussion Loops
    • 13 Drum Loops
    • 11 Fx Loops
    • 10 String Layer Loops
    • 7 Pad Loops
    • 7 Elec Guitar Loops
    • 5 Mallet Loops
    • 4 Top Drum Loops
    • 2 Keys Loops
    • 23 Scratch Drum Loops
    • 18 Scratch Fx Loops
    • 16 Scratch Synth Loops
    • 13 Scratch Perc Loops
    • 12 Scratch Bass Loops
    • 12 Scratch Guitar Loops
    • 8 Scratch Pad Loops
    • 7 Scratch Keys Loops
    • 7 Scratch String Loops
    • 95 Drum Hits
    • 30 Instruments
    • 26 Bass Hits
    • 12 Percs
    • 9 Fx

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