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Orchestral Elements

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Angry Parrot

Orchestral Elements

'Orchestral Elements' by Angry Parrot delivers an over the top twist of addictive sensations.

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Product Information

'Orchestral Elements' by Angry Parrot delivers an over the top twist of addictive sensations.

Are you ready to have your mind cinematically devoured? Orchestral instruments are the most emotionally capturing. In movies and music they can have you white-knuckling your chair in suspense or drop you to your knees in sorrow. 
'Orchestral Elements' includes tribal style drum pounding sequences, military style patterns, suspenseful build-ups, strings as clear as if you were sitting in a live concert hall, epic movie storyboard melodies and symphonic brass. Themed sounds that accommodate the thrill seeker and the unknown element of surprise and suspense.
You expect the best and Angry Parrot delivers it. Buy their packs with confidence knowing that you'll get the latest and most innovative sounds with the utmost respect for audio production quality.
Product Details:
• 61 Orchestral Loops
• 100% Royalty-Free

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