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Hip Hop N Trap Volume 5

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    Hip Hop N Trap Volume 5

    'Hip Hop N Trap Volume 5' by Audiosample is the fifth volume of the well-established 'Hip-Hop N Trap' series.

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    'Hip Hop N Trap Volume 5' by Audiosample is the fifth volume of the well-established 'Hip-Hop N Trap' series.

    With this sample pack you will be able to experiment and create your personal style, adding clarity and weight into your music. Drum loops, drum shots and music loops will inspire your creative juices, for sure.
    In detail expect to find over 200 MB of supreme quality samples that include 30 Music Loops, 34 Drum Loops and 18 Drum Shots divided into fat kick, snappy snare and crispy hi-hat.
    'Hip Hop N Trap Volume 5' has all the necessary tools to craft a top arrangement, just load into your DAW a music loop and be ready to chop, edit or rearrange it as you like.
    This set of incredibly heavy sounds is an absolute must have for any beat maker out there that wants to make Trap and Hip-Hop beats with a street edge!
    Product Details:
    • 34 Drum Loops
    • 30 Music Loops
    • 18 Drum Shots (Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat)

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