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Chris Hein: Compact Strings (Kontakt)

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Chris Hein: Compact Strings (Kontakt)

'Chris Hein: Compact Strings' includes the light version of the renowned Kontakt libraries, 'Chris Hein: Solo Strings Complete EX' and 'Chris Hein: Ensemble Strings'. Includes 14 instruments, 14 ensembles and a total of 75,000 samples.

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'Chris Hein: Compact Strings' includes the light version of the renowned Kontakt libraries, 'Chris Hein: Solo Strings Complete EX' and 'Chris Hein: Ensemble Strings'. Includes 14 instruments, 14 ensembles and a total of 75,000 samples. 

This library contains all instruments and functions of its larger siblings but only includes the nine most common and important articulations. You may, of course, upgrade to 'Chris Hein: Ensemble Strings' or 'Chris Hein: Solo Strings Complete' with up to 49 articulations at any time.

Great sound from a compact library

Whenever sophisticated string instruments and uncompromising sound quality are needed, 'Strings Compact' is the perfect choice. This library offers high quality solo instruments and ensembles with essential articulations to realise authentic sounding string arrangements in your DAW efficiently.

Solo and Ensemble
'Strings Compact' contains four different violins including the legendary 'Solo Violin', three violas, four cellos and three double basses. In addition to the detailed solo instruments, the library includes 14 ensembles granting fast access to the sound of epic film scores or large orchestral works. 'Strings Compact' is designed to be uncompromisingly versatile. With a choice of 14 solo instruments and ensemble mixes each, almost any string ensemble instrumentation imaginable can be individually realised as desired. 
Ranging from a solo violin to small string quartets, chamber ensembles to large symphonic orchestras, each imaginable combination of sonic colors for string instruments is possible. All instruments offer identical programmings of articulations and functions, which makes combining different instruments mere child's play. By simply duplicating a MIDI track, you can add a solo violin to a violin ensemble with both sections playing perfectly together. It just takes a few clicks to create ensembles of any size. On top of that, the built-in ensemble function additionally expands each instrument's variability.
Variable sound shaping
As well as careful recordings and the use of top-quality gear including Neumann microphones, the musicians, for the most part members of the renowned WDR symphonic orchestra, significantly influence the results and the sound aesthetics. Combined with the dual convolution reverb sections of the sample engine, the unprocessed dry sound of the library allows the instruments to be perfectly matched to lots of different applications.

Separate convolution sections for the corpus sound (body) and the room impression allow you to create almost infinite room impressions ranging from intimate proximity to large orchestra halls. In contrast to the fixed imprinted room sound of several competitors, 'Strings Compact' is greatly versatile in tonality and can therefore easily be combined with any other library.
Regarding its sound quality and suitability in daily use, the library makes no compromises, even at its compact size. The instruments of 'Strings Compact' are based upon carefully created elaborated multisamples, which offer phase-correct blends, crossfades and dynamic layers through detailed phase-alignment. At the same time, up to eight dynamic layers provide authentic sound behavior ranging from PPP to FFF.

Undeniable highlights of this library are the true legato function, articulation changes by keyswitches, variable attacks per note, x-fade control via breath controller, portamento legato via sustain pedal, switchable artificial vibrato, innovative play control through hot keys and note heads plus MIDI remote controllability of each function via TouchOSC from an iPad.
Unique functions
Perfect dynamic transitions thanks to phase alignment
In a research process of several months, all samples have been carefully aligned in phase to each other. Accordingly, the sound of the instruments transition seamlessly between up to eight dynamic layers without any tonal degradation.
Unique mixing of long and short notes
The combination of short and long played notes is a typical issue for several sample libraries when it comes to sonic authenticity. When playing real instruments, the length of a note being played influences its attack behavior and its ending. 'Strings Compact' addresses this aspect by the innovative 'Note Head Designer'. For each sustain articulation, you may call up matched short sample variations (shorts) by a control/controller. These do not only offer the corresponding correct attack behavior, but will also be perfectly tied in respect to the notes' lengths. 
The user defined selection of short variations being available in up to eight dynamic layers and their combination with the corresponding sustain phases, allow for utterly realistic sound results which cannot be achieved by the typical randomised selection using round robin techniques. Of course, the shorts can also be called up as individual articulations.
True Legato
The instruments of 'Strings Compact' offer real, zero-latency, True Legato, and True Portamento, with several fine adjustments. Thanks to the intelligent legato programming, even very fast passages can be played without any time lag. In addition, the legato mode can also be played polyphonic. 
Omit the cumbersome loading of separate legato articulations and polyphonic instruments. The library's portamento offers real recorded portamento transitions which can be adjusted and fine tuned in time and length. This way, each possible note transition can be carried out gliding – from fast finger-legato to short grace notes to slower glides from note to note. Legato and portamento are available for all articulations, not just for sustain. For example, when playing trills and tremolos with portamento, the resulting variations of note transitions are endless and often not easy to realise with other libraries at all.

With its attractive pricing, 'Strings Compact' addresses beginners, musical upgraders as well as composers looking for sampled strings in high quality and practical usability which will efficiently perform on mobile computer systems. Needless to say, you can upgrade to the large Complete versions at any time.

Please Note:

Kontakt Player or Kontakt version 5.8.0 are required to use this product.

Product Details:

• 14 Solo Strings Instruments
• 14 Ensemble Strings Instruments
• 75,000 Samples
• 9 Articulations
• Up To 8 Dynamic Layers
• 4 Dynamic Modes
• Dynamic Expression Sustains
• Note-Head Designer
• 5 Hot-Keys
• Intelligent True Legato & Portamento
• 10 built in DSP-Effects
• 2 Independent Convolution Reverbs
• 63 High Class Impulse Responses
• Ensemble Maker
• Micro-Tuner
• Adjustable Fader Settings In The UI
• Intelligent LFO-Vibrato Including EQ
• Customisable Auto-Vibrato
• Key-Vibrato
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Kontakt Player or Kontakt version 5.8.0 required

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