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Dark Era

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Best Service

Dark Era

'Dark ERA' is a Viking-inspired Plugin Virtual Instrument in AAX native, AU, ENGINE, Mac, VST2 and Standalone. It includes 50+ instruments and 20,000+ multisamples. In order to maximize playability, several playing techniques have been recorded and made available in the library respectively our powerful cross-platform compatible sample-player Engine.

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Product Information

'Dark Era' by Best Service brings you the sound of ancient pagan music and the Vikings and it was created by the master of mystical sounds, Eduardo Tarilonte. This influential producer continues his sonic quest in search of unique and fascinating instruments, inviting you to follow him way all of the way back into the dark ages, when gods ruled the fate of humanity.

The fascinating sounds of 'Dark Era' ranges from the transcendental drones of the ancient stringed-harp tagelharpa to the unmatched grace of the gut-stringed lyre to the distinctive and characteristic sound of the Nordic bone flutes and the overtone flute Fujara. Goosebumps are guaranteed with the sound of war horns, such as the wooden lur, thunderous mighty percussion, a full ensemble of frame-drums as well as mystical throat chants.

The Instruments
These instruments are complemented by an impressive collection of pulsating pads and atmospheric soundscapes which evolve over longer periods. These unique sounds ensure that this pack can clearly be regarded as the next masterpiece created by Eduardo Tarilonte.
Furthermore, the string instruments offer round robin samples for notes being picked in up and down directions. The plucked instruments were recorded with different play techniques such as using a plectrum, fingers or being strummed.
Sound Design
The instrument collection is complemented by more than one hundred programmed soundscapes. These are partially rhythmically animated to pulsate in sync with the current tempo or to create unreal atmospheres using complex sound textures. These textures consist of several elements which can be adjusted in level and panning to your liking in the mixer page of Best Service's sampler Engine.
Epic Loops 
To support the sound rhythmically, dedicated epic loops have been designed. These consist of up to 20 instruments and up to 16 separate elements which can all be individually adjusted, allowing to flexibly arrange beats. Four variations for each main loop are available, as well as different fills and endings (ensemble and single hits) and a pulsating sound matching the rhythm. The loops will automatically adapt to the tempo of your DAW.
Rhythmic Pads
The rhythmic pads containing melodic, as well as rhythmic elements, gap the bridge between drums and solo instruments. Just as for the soundscapes, the individual pad elements can be individually panned and mixed.
Vocal Section
Another speciality of 'Dark Era' is the vocals section. Vocal rhythms, being inspired by the Inuit, can be constructed and arranged from single notes. 24 MIDI files serve as templates which trigger and play the individual shouts and naturally, the rhythms can be edited or even created from scratch. The throat singing recordings have been divided into four styles. It is also possible to add harmonics using a dedicated slider. Shaman ritual chants and solo vocals, add liveliness and an authentic element to the music.
Deep Dive

Who is it for?
This library is the perfect instrument for movie soundtracks and television documentaries covering corresponding topics. At the same time, the library is equally suited for historical music productions as well as for Ambient music. In addition, it provides suitable stylish background music for games.
The Artists
The string and wind instruments, as well as some of the drums being used for this library, have been handmade by the master instrument maker Benjamin Simao. The instruments were performed by:
Benjamin Simao: Strings, Shamanic Drums, Tympanum Romano
Iván Carlón: Wind Instruments
Adal Fernández del Castillo: Percussion
Moisés Pérez: Throat and Overtone Singing, Vocal Rhythms
Joaquim Manjón: Overtone Singing
Recorded by Jorge Calderón Murie
During the recording of the skin drums, special focus was paid to a full sounding, powerful bass while retaining punch. You can almost feel the sticks hitting the skins. This sound character will be preserved during the mix – present and powerful. In addition, the metallic percussion instruments, including an anvil and horseshoes, sound piercing and fierce. Sonically, 'Dark Era' is fully compatible to the other libraries of the Era series since it has again been recorded by Jorge Calderón Muriel in the Eldana Studio in Spain, using the highest quality equipment such as the Kahayan 4K7 microphone and 12K72 preamp. The instruments have been close mic'ed in order to capture all details and to provide a direct sound experience which can be flexibly edited and shaped in all directions by external tools.
Wind Instruments
War Horn, White Horn, Curved Horn, Shofar, Bukkehorn, Shell, Long Trumpet, Big Horn, Double Flute, Small Bone Flute, Vulture Bone Flute, Pictish Pipes, Elderwood Flute, Overtone Fujara, Didgeridoo and Wooden Lur.
String Instruments
Bowed Strings
Tagelharpa/Jouhikko Small, Tagelharpa/Jouhikko Big and Crwth.
Plucked Strings
Cologne Lyre, Ancient Lyre, Trossingen Lyre and Utrecht Lute.
Drums & Percussion
Shamanic Drum Small, Shamanic Drum Big, Big Frame Drum, 5 Square Drums, 2 Skin Drums, 2 Skin Snares, Skin Tom, Sieves, Anvil, 3 Viking Mouth Harps, Jawbone, Pan Medium, Pan Rusted, 7 Seed Shakers, Small Bells, 2 Cowbells, Bullroarer, Horseshoe and Bronze Mortar.
Product Details:
• 50 Instruments In Total
• 20,000 Samples In Total
• 24 MIDI Vocal Files
• PC/MAC Compatible
• Includes Best Service's Sampler Engine
•AAX native, AU, ENGINE, Mac, VST2 and Standalone

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