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Emotional Cello

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Emotional Cello

'Emotional Cello' is a new kind of virtual instrument created by Harmonic Subtones, a Munich based developer team, to be used with Native Instrument's Kontakt 5 Player. Because of its powerful and exceptional, emotional sound, it opens up previously unknown dimensions for your productions.

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'Emotional Cello' is a new kind of virtual instrument created by Harmonic Subtones, a Munich based developer team, to be used with Native Instrument's Kontakt 5 Player. Because of its powerful and exceptional, emotional sound, it opens up previously unknown dimensions for your productions.

This is the perfect instrument for film scoring, Pop production, song writing, classic and modern Avant Garde cello compositions. This unique virtual instrument shines by its impressive number of articulations, its direct uncoloured sound quality, unusual play techniques and innovative rebowing.
'Emotional Cello' has been meticulously recorded in a musical context to capture the natural bowing and the individual expressions of real instrumentalists. Thanks to intelligent scripting, 16 play styles and true legato, this library offers immense versatility.
This instrument offers all typical play styles and articulations as well as unusual techniques such as:
• Sul ponticello legato
• Flageolet legato
• Morbid sustain
• Ricochet
• Renaissance sounds
Harmonic Subtones calls the underlying philosophy of the 'Emotional Cello' project 'Contextual Sampling'. In the search for perfect tone and inspiration, various string instruments have been recorded over a period of no less than four years. The conclusion was that nothing can match the natural vibrato with its artistic facets performed by skilled musicians. 
Although, any sample with an included recorded vibrato has obvious conceptual drawbacks, the sound of the performance itself will be a lot more inspirational than adding artificial vibrato. Based upon this insight, Harmonic Subtones went to extract the recordings with topmost musicality to forge a brilliant sounding instrument. The result is a library of unmatched authenticity.
'Emotional Cello' offers a multitude of articulations. This way, the various phrases, turns, pickups and endings can be used as real autonomous phrasings without repetition. To be able to correctly use the various tones and articulations in a musical context, the corresponding key switches have been appropriately titled with names such as:
• Delicate fast
• Vivid
• Moderate
In addition, 'Emotional Cello' also offers unusual and unconventional articulations, almost never to be found in competitive products. For example, this library offers:
• Spilegno - a harder edged Spiccato with bow-noise
• Power-chord/fifth pizzicato
• Plectrum pizzicato
• Rota spiccato
Included are technical refinements, such as the rebowing function which allows controlled directional change of the bow within a note using a key switch; extremely useful for long sustains. Likewise, the vibrato crossfade allows the creation of rhythmically perfect transitions from non-vibrato to vibrato patches.
'Emotional Cello' has been recorded in the Mastermix Studio, Unterföhring/Germany. The instrument has been carefully mic'd in a wood-panelled room with high ceilings and the greatest possible wall distance. 
Microphone recordings were performed intentionally close using two Neumann models - KM184 and U47 - preserving a discreet portion of the rooms excellent acoustics. At the same time, the close micing technique easily allows external processing, giving you more control over ambience and reverb. You can also make use of the integrated convolution reverb in the Kontakt 5 Player.
Kontakt Instruments:
'Emotional Cello' offers three true-legato master patches: 
• Normal
• Sulponticello
• Harmonics
These contain about 80% of all recorded articulations, which are logically interconnected using advanced scripting. For example; a note being played in the beginning will sound perfectly natural because the chosen sample will also be a first note of the source recordings. The same goes for legato and sustained notes.
Approximately 50 additional single patches are included focusing on a selected articulation each. Choices range from simple sustain patches to dynamic crossfades between four layers. These patches are useful for producers preferring to arrange different articulations on different MIDI tracks instead of using key switches. 
To achieve the highest authenticity and liveliness, the patches offer four round-robin-samples for long notes and up to eight for short notes.
Product Specifications:
• Advanced Kontakt 5 Player instrument
• Round robin
• Conventional and experimental articulations
• True legato
• Natural close mic recording

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