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House of Loop: Techno Room

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House Of Loop

House of Loop: Techno Room

'Techno Room' by House of Loop will get you ready for a massive sound that will help magnify your sonic endeavours so you'll be playing out to a sea of fans in no time.

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Product Information

'Techno Room' by House of Loop will get you ready for a massive sound that will help magnify your sonic endeavours so you'll be playing out to a sea of fans in no time.

Many artists aspire to play live, envision or dream of playing in front of a massive crowd be it at festivals or clubs. This pack aims to help you do exactly that.
This is what you'll encounter as you reach the summit of this grandiose pack:
• 30 bass loops each, of the following: steady bass at 127 & 128 BPM that can fill a room, perfect for what one would hear at a festival to keep the crowds moving.
• 30 background loops that will help to create a massive backdrop for your spacious and massive sounds.
• 30 drum loops each, at 127 BPM and 128 BPM that are purely Techno hi-hat and snare fixated, which offer a constant party vibe with the following options: no kick, percussion, and full drum kits.
• 30 hi-hat loops, 30 perc loops and 30 ride loops to complete the drum session.
• 30 EFX loops that have a strong reverb feel on some choice examples and this helps it to have an already large sound.
• 30 pad loops at 127 BPM that will add more diversity in your "wall of sound".
• 30 synth loops each, at 127 BPM and 128 BPM with a futuristic and a very heavy "Euro Techno festival" feel, so that the party is not stopping anytime soon.
• 20 bass shots that will serve as ways to build momentum in the festival and large concert environment.
• 20 clap shots that will add to the already energetic atmosphere and to sync with the heavy Techno theme.
• 20 hi-hat shots to instil some variety in how you can have this crucial aspect of the track sound.
• 20 kick drum shots, so that there is more of a variety when the bass hits.
• 20 percussion shots because Techno is centred around the essentials: hi-hat, snare, and bass. But, with this you can add more transitions and possibilities.
• 20 ride shots that can add something to help stand out from the mix and still provide rhythm.
• 20 Snare shots because Techno always needs to be on the "One" of the drum beat. A very defining part to cut in the mix is the Snare. Here, you have more options with which to do that.
• 20 synth shots. Many that add a more dramatic tension and can add to a thicker mix when coupled or used as bricks to make your "wall of sound".
So, if you are looking for a fuller sound more fitting for larger areas this pack is here to help you out.
Product Details:
• 60 Drum Loops Divided In Full, No Kick, Perc
• 30 Hi Hat Loops
• 30 Perc Loops
• 30 Ride Loops
• 30 Background Loops
• 30 Bass Loops 127 BPM
• 30 Bass Loops 128 BPM
• 30 Pad Loops 127 BPM
• 30 Synth Loops 127 BPM
• 30 Synth Loops 128 BPM
• 30 EFX
• 20 Bass Shots
• 20 Synth Shots
• 20 Kick Shots
• 20 Hat Shots
• 20 Perc Shots
• 20 Clap Shots
• 20 Snare Shots
• 20 Ride Shots
• 100% Royalty-Free

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