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Moody Trap Sample Pack

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Moody Trap

'Moody Trap' by HY2ROGEN is a Trap sample pack inspired by artists and producers such as Post Malone, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Tay Keith, Wheezy, Mike Will and many others.

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  • 1.34GB (Unzipped)
  • 1 min 40 sec @ 85Mbps
  • 1189 files / Royalty-Free

Product Information

'Moody Trap' by HY2ROGEN is a Trap sample pack inspired by artists and producers such as Post Malone, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Tay Keith, Wheezy, Mike Will and many others.

Get your hands and ears on this 1.3 GB inspiration-filled sample pack loaded with vinyl infused drum kits, mega crushing 808s, rhythm-begging melody loops and slow-Mo loops, must-have one-shots, ambience effects, on-the-spot top loops, individual clap and snare loops, hat loops, kick loops, as well as MIDI files for the 808s, melody loops and individual drums, giving you the freedom to use your favorite synths.
All of the loops are key and tempo labelled at 140 BPM where applicable and delivered in lengths from 4 to 8 bars. Each melody loop has 1 extra bar to catch the reverb/delay/release tails for seamless looping. The beat loops are delivered in construction kit style format with all the elements broken down into stems along with a complete mix for reference as well as dry and wet versions for the melody loops to offer a more versatile approach in getting these sounds to fit your projects.
What you get is 1.3GB+ of content containing 1150 files spread around in 10 main folders that hold 70 808 loops, 30 clap and snare loops, 30 stripped down drum loops, 70 sound effects, 30 hat loops, 30 kick loops, 110 melody loops, 268 one-shots, 60 slow-Mo melody loops, 50 top loops along with 215 MIDI files, and 32 sampler patches for EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT, & Halion.
Product Details:
• 903 WAV Files
• 215 MIDI Files
• 268 One-Shots 
• 32 Sampler Patches
• 110 Melody Loops 
• 60 Slow-Mo Melody Loops 
• 70 808 Loops
• 30 Clap & Snare Loops
• 30 Stripped Down Drum Loops
• 70 Effects
• 30 Hat Loops
• 30 Kick Loops
• 50 Top Loops
• 4-8 Bars Long
• 140 BPM
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit
• 100% Royalty-Free

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