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Colossal Drumkits Vol 2

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Music Weapons

Colossal Drumkits Vol 2

'Colossal Drumkits Vol 2' by Music Weapons is presenting to you the second volume of these epic Hip-Hop Drums.

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Product Information

'Colossal Drumkits Vol 2' by Music Weapons is presenting to you the second volume of these epic Hip-Hop Drums. 

Presenting to you the second volume of these epic Hip-Hop drums, 'Colossal Drumkits Vol 2' by Music Weapons is created by Anno Domini Nation producer, Vherbal (Vinnie Paz, Wu-Tang Clan, Heavy Metal Kings and more). More massive room-shaking kicks, mind-blowing snares, crazy percussion and cymbals make up this awesome kit. Think of the biggest otherworldly face-melting kits you can imagine then multiply that by 100! All drum samples are in standard 16-Bit and 44.1kHz WAV format and can be used in any software or hardware, PC and Mac compatible.

Product Details:

• 50 Colossal Kicks
• 50 Colossal Snares
• 20 Colossal Percs
• 10 Colossal Cymbals
• 5 Colossal Drum Loops
• 100% Royalty-Free

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