'Gabba 909' has hard-hitting kick loops, off the wall percussion samples and features a slew of craz...

Price $10.51 USD

£8.29 GBP

'Lenny Dee: Drumshots' is the newest collection from none other than ISR's Lenny Dee. This collectio...

Price $13.68 USD

£10.79 GBP

'Computer Core Vol 3' is a pack for producers who like their Electronic music hard, this 1 GB sonic...

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£14.96 GBP

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'Downtempo Darkness Halloween Bundle' contains all four Bunker 8 Downtempo Darkness libraries incorp...

Was $50.73 USD

Price $22.83 USD

£18.00 GBP

'Analog Explorer: Drum Machines' is a selection of the best one-shots and effects sounds from ISR's...

Price $21.09 USD

£16.63 GBP

'Cinematic Tools' is a pristine effect collection with essential one-shot effect samples for any bre...

Price $26.37 USD

£20.79 GBP

'Sweep' is an essential sound effect tool produced by Dave Flores, with a large selection of sweep,...

Price $18.97 USD

£14.96 GBP

Future Loops is proud to release 'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 2', the second volume of our jungle multi-for...

Price $21.09 USD

£16.63 GBP

'Dubstep Ammo' is produced by non-other than LA's 6Blocc. It's time to get down and dirty as Industr...

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'Swiss Chris Breakbeats' is an awesome collection from a Grammy Award winning Drummer who's performe...

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£19.13 GBP

'Effected Drums' from Industrial Strength is loaded with flexible one-shots, strangely twisted loops...

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'Effected Vol 1' from producer David Flores brings you a flexible pack filled with unique loops and...

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The Symphonic series by Bunker 8 Digital Labs has become the go to collection for film composers, vi...

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‘DJ Sykopath Slice Vol 1’ from turntable wiz, DJ Sykopath, is an amazing scratch pack with 430 s...

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'Modern Pop' from Digital Loopline is a passionate and inspiring sound journey that combines the dis...

Price $41.22 USD

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'Vinyl Scratch Master' brings you over 1200 sounds, ranging from pure vinyl scratch patterns to grim...

Price $10.56 USD

£8.33 GBP

'Dr. Detox Guitar and Bass Loops' brings you 280 individual guitar and bass loops played by a profes...

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'VMX Human Drum Kit' will add a whole new dimension to your tracks, with this one of a kind collecti...

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'Acoustic RnB Guitar and Bass' brings you 10 complete song sets and hundreds of guitar and bass loop...

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'Computer Core 2' is here to bring a sonic explosion to your DAW. Breaching the limits of of sonic i...

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'Symphonic Dub Step' from Bunker 8 features 12 fully realized Construction Kits that combine the inc...

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Future Loops is proud to release 'Jungle Drum Kits Vol 1', a multi-format drum kit sample pack that...

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'MIN TECH 3' from Bunker 8 is a collection that features 8 minimal techno Construction Kits. Each ki...

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'Martini Lounge' from Bunker 8 is a collection that features 6 laidback cool and exotic Construction...

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'Dirty South Drums' from Prime Loop's hottest new signing Nahuel Lescano delivers a deadly collectio...

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... brings you 340 of the hardest, woofer rupturing loops covering everything from drums to bass, a...

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