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Human Beatbox Samples Pro (Multi-Format)

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    Prime Loops

    Human Beatbox Samples Pro (Multi-Format)

    If you are looking to add a unique Human Sound to your production, then check out these inspiring Beatbox Samples from Mr Mowgli, presented in 20 kits for your favourite sampler, and over 60 all new Beatbox Instruments.

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    If you are looking to add a unique Human Sound to your production, then check out these inspiring Beatbox Samples from Mr Mowgli, presented in 20 kits for your favourite sampler, and over 60 all new Beatbox Instruments.


    These precision Beatbox Samples have been recorded using a Rode NT-2000, valve compressor, processed through the finest mic pre-amp, and mixed and optimised using Focusrite Equalizers.

    Mr Mowgli has kept his Beatbox Techniques a closely guarded secret…until now! This is a complete collection of previously unheard and totally exclusive Human Beatbox Samples, Sound FX & Vocals covering the entire spectrum.

    These jaw-dropping beatbox samples are performed by Mowgli of the World Beatbox Convention, a professional beatboxer, sound engineer, and DJ, he is also the founder of Prime Loops! Having signed alongside Rhazel, Killa Kella, Shlomo and many others with the world’s most famous Human Beatbox agency AllFromTheMouth, this truly is a rare chance to get hold of professional level elite material.

    With an extensive collection of over 200 individually optimised samples, this high octane sound suite also includes unbelievable Beatbox 808 Snares, imaginative percussive licks, earth-shaking bass sounds, sonic percussive FX, phat bass kicks, next level vocal turntable effects and much more! These awe-inspiring high definition sounds will fit effortlessly into your music, and inspire a multitude of musical styles and original creations.

    Alongside the 217 beatbox samples, this extraordinary sound suite also comes pre-arranged into 20 kits for your favourite sampler including; the first ever ‘All Beatbox’ 808 + 909 Drum Beatbox Kit, Percussion Kit, Electronic Kit, Dance Kits, Hip Hop & RnB Kits, Vocal Kit, Acoustic Kit, and many more….plus a useful compilation of carefully compiled kits containing all; Kicks, Snares Hi-Hats, Vocals & FX, so you can audition and integrate these samples at your convenience.

    On top of all that you also get over 60 ‘Beatbox Instruments.’ containing Vocal Bass, Synths, Adlibs, and phrases, so you can play back your own beatbox basslines, re-create beatbox beats, pitch vocals…the creative possibilities are literally endless!

    This truly is the ultimate Human Beatbox Samples collection, and essential Vocal Percussion groove agent. To get an idea of what’s inside this amazing sound suite check out the demo beatbox live showcase from Mowgli, showing his unique, chunky & insanely inspiring beatbox style. All the snares, bass kicks, hi hats, vocals, FX and other sounds in the demo are present in this beatbox collection amongst many, many more…

    Indulge yourself in a creative dose of Professional Human Beatbox samples & rich Vocal Percussion, and hear the difference when you add a unique human edge to your music.



    Reason Refill Edition:


    You can buy the Reason Refill Edition of Human Beatbox Samples Pro here.

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