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Planet Of The Orchestra Sample Pack

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Prime Loops

Planet Of The Orchestra

Prime Loops in association with Jean Baptiste Lacaze are extremely proud to present their most celebrated and highly anticipated release to date: The Planet of the Orchestra has finally arrived…

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Product Information

The Planet of the Orchestra has finally arrived… a culture-merging, genre defying master mix of state-of-the-art 24 Bit recordings, the likes of which have never been heard before.


Prime Loops in association with Jean Baptiste Lacaze are extremely proud to present their most celebrated and highly anticipated release to date: The Planet of the Orchestra...


Imagine if the best Orchestra's, talented musicians and top artists from India, America, Africa, Japan, Australia, Europe and China all got together in one huge recording facility, and jammed together…the result? Planet of the Orchestra.


Let us take you on a musical journey as we discover unheard melodies and hidden treasures from the dusty sand dunes of the Saharan desert, to the highest mountaintops of Tibet, from deep within the closely guarded quarters of the mysterious hidden temples of the Orient, to the quaint riverside cafes of Eastern Europe.

6 months in the making, this highly original, cutting edge sample pack is the first of it's kind. Each of the 100+ music loops are extremely complex, containing many layers of instrumentation. You can download this comprehensive sample pack in a variety of formats of your choice which have been specifically mixed, mastered and formatted to work perfectly with you chosen music production platform. As with all our sample packs Planet of the Orchestra is completely Royalty-Free, and comes as standard with our 3 stage seal of quality

Eclectic, worldclass, and evocative by nature, here you will find Bollywood Compositions, Spanish Guitars, Classical Strings, French Accordions, Infamous Oriental Flutes, Grand Pianos, Arab Strings, South American Wind Chimes, Full Orchestra Progressions and many, many more instruments which have all been meticulously blended together into this fascinating collection delivering crystal clear, and utterly unique musical building blocks for your productions, soundtracks and releases.

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