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Dark Tech Progressions Vol 1

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Producer Loops

Dark Tech Progressions Vol 1

The 'Dark Tech Progressions' series kicks of with five deep, dark and downright moody Construction Kits featuring drum loops, vocal loops, FX loops, one-shots, MIDI files and DJ Mixes. Including some of the most exciting build-ups ever included in a Sample Pack. Essential collection for all dance producers.

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  • 3 min 30 sec @ 85Mbps
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Product Information

The 'Dark Tech Progressions' series kicks of with five deep, dark and downright moody Construction Kits featuring drum loops, vocal loops, FX loops, one-shots, MIDI files and DJ Mixes. Including some of the most exciting build-ups ever included in a Sample Pack. Essential collection for all dance producers.

From funky basslines and shuffled percussion, to desolate vocals and sparse, tasteful FX, 'Dark Tech Progressions Vol 1' is an impressive collection of Construction Kits that artfully combine the complexity and groove of tech, with the space and minimalism found in deeper, darker styles.

Each of the five multi-format kits is on average 300MB in size, and this outstanding product also includes a bonus folder containing 22 additional loops that will perfectly compliment the included kits.

About MIDI:

Like many other Producer Loops releases, 'Dark Tech Progressions Vol 1' features a number of MIDI loops (47 across all five kits) allowing you to play back the melodic content in this pack through your favourite sampler, synth or virtual instrument.

Unlike pre-rendered audio, MIDI can be transposed and tempo scaled with absolutely no glitching. You could even use the melodic content in conjunction with other Producer Loops Titles even if they're in a totally different style.


This pack includes 'Elements' folders, which mainly consist of one-shots and short loops that can be used to recreate the complete grooves found in the 'Loops' folders, or create entirely new content.


Load the one-shots into your favourite sampler and construct the ultimate Dark Techno drum kit, or use the various loop fragments to create new variations on the percussive and top loops found in the main mixes.

About the Producer:

This pack was created by producer and live artist Oriol Benedet. His current projects, 'Soul of Life' and 'Funkadub' see him working with talented musicians like Hubert Tubbs, Oscar Aguilera, Supernova, Audio junkies and Iban Dasca, to name a few.  His club mixes and remixes for labels like Darkroom Dubs, Lapsus Music and Travelling Soul Recordings among others, have earned him support and recognition by artists including Silicone Soul and Laurent Garnier.

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Press Reviews

"I DON'T know what the folk behind Producer...


"I DON'T know what the folk behind Producer Loops are 'on' but they keep on delivering quality goods at a rate of knots and yet another new collection has just hit the streets.

This time, Dark Tech Progressions Vol 1 is a collection which is, literally, music to the ears of all Techno fans because the 'grimier' element has been attached which makes for another great set of sparkling new sounds.

A lot of loops collections have, over the past year or so, seemingly recycled a lot of sounds and many DAW dabblers think: 'Hang on, I've heard that before!' Not so with Producer Loops who are committed to bringing you up-to-date sounds, and this pack ticks (techs?) all the boxes.

You like glitchy? You've got it. You like it loud and meaty but also melodic? You've got it. 'Pushing the envelope'? It's all here...

The five packed construction kits come with great names too - Bakala, Inferno, Madness, Pepe Nero and Supa Weapon - and range from 124bpm to 128bpm so is the perfect match for thudding tech-dance. The bass parts in the Madness kit are particularly loveable.

You also get a bonus folder of bass, strings, perc etc.

For newbies, each folder has a full audio mix so you can hear what the composer had in his head while laying down a track so, as I've rattled on many times before, you can either follow his lead or combine the loops and samples from the different kits to create your own original strunner. Either way, you'll have lots of fun and enjoyment.

An added bonus is that all content from Producer Loops fits with almost all ot their other libraries - try adding loops from this collection into PL's SupaLife Dubstep Hard Edition - great fun AND it works because the loops/sample keep their quality even when subjected to pretty devilish time-stretching!

With Producer Loops, you never have to pay for what you don't want. So, if say, you only want the Bakala kit in Apple Loops and MIDI then it will cost a mere 7.50. Add kits, subtract kits - it's entirely up to you with the simple Pick 'n' Mix options...

Better still take the whole lot from just 24.95 - depending of course on the format(s) you want and don't forget that, as usual with Producer Loops, devotees of Apple, Rex, Midi, WAV and Reason Refill are all catered for.

Roll on Volume 2............."

"These fine very-thorough construction kits...

by Computer Music Magazine (January 2011)

"These fine very-thorough construction kits present single elements, loops
and MIDI parts. Each sound you'd expect to hear is included, produced and
mixed to an exceptionally high standard. The only thing that lets it down is
a lack of musical coherence. More than a few of the sounds in the
construction kits aren't in key with each other and thus clash musically.
Depending on your way of working, however, this might not be an issue.
Sonically, however, this release stands out well."

(Score 7/10)

"Producer Loops' latest Tech construction kits...

by Computer Music Magazine (January 2011)

"Producer Loops' latest Tech construction kits are available in just about
every format you can imagine, with the usual MIDI options making the package
even more flexible. Sticking safely in the 125-128 BPM range, the deep,
minimal samples included here concentrate primarily on top quality sound
designs rather than complex riffs and patterns. Perfectly produced drum hits
and loops, simple but effective synths and excellent FX offer a great range
of sounds to build tracks from. It's mostly pretty versatile stuff so there
should be no difficulty working these loops into your own productions.
Another solid package from Producer Loops."

(Score 7/10)

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