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Boost 309 V2 Sample Pack

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Boost 309 V2

"Boost 309 V2" is based on the complete sample set of the vintage, lo-fi Rave-o-lution 309 by QuasiMIDI. An inspiring and rock solid sample set fed our amazing drum machines and combinators. Redefine your beat making!

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Product Information

'Boost 309 V2' is based on the complete sample set of the vintage, lo-fi but charmingly sounding machine Rave-o-lution 309 by a company named QuasiMIDI. Soundcells has created 90 brand new combinator drum machines for you with these samples.

It all ranges from the old original 309 thing to amazing and unique patches that could have never been created within the 309 itself. Besides cool beats and complex, crazy rhythms Boost 309 will offer you even more!

While closing this ReFill Soundcells found themselves putting 200 brand new combinators into this product. Version 2 is a huge update which adds 20 new combinator patches, 40 rex loops making use of our "Boost 309" drum machines and the original (!) Rave-o-lution groovebox, as well as completely redesigned and great looking backdrops...


• 110 combinator patches containing deep basses, great playable keys,
   surprising leads and awesome pads.

• 101 NN-XT patches, 22 redrum kits and over 300 samples.

• Of course the original 309 samples and WAVeforms.

• The 90 combinator drum machines we have talked about above are in fact 45 basic setups with their 45 shuffled counter parts (10 new machines since V2).

• 40 rex loops making use of the "Boost 309" drum machines as also the original machine.

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