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Electro ID

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    Electro ID

    'Electro ID' from Ueberschall explores new dimensions of Techno music from exclusive Drum Loops, Patterns, Synth, Bass Lines, and FX to Single Sounds. This is the perfect pack for Electro, Tech-House, Hardcore and Schranz producers.

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    Product Information

    'Electro ID' from Ueberschall explores new dimensions of Techno music from exclusive Drum Loops, Patterns, Synth, Bass Lines, and FX to Single Sounds. This is the perfect pack for Electro, Tech-House, Hardcore and Schranz producers.

    Product Details:

    Sector 0:

    Circuit-made madness in this exploration of Techno frontiers. Includes a huge array of distinct high-tech loops in Construction Kit formula. Modular, Analog and Digital synthesis provided foundation for the sonic probe authority. These segments also work well with edgy or creatively applied styles.

    Sector 1:

    Heavy voltages inspired all material creating an electrified spectrum of synthesized disorder.

    Sector 2:
    Multimodal styles based on Electro, Tech-House, Hardcore, Schranz and German Underground.

    Sector 3:

    Inorganic resources include Drum Loops, Synth, Bass Lines, FX, Single Sounds and Byte Crushing where necessary.

    Sector 4:

    Experiments performed by artist Asem Shama (Techno ID / Ghostline / Franko Zeiger).

    Sector 5:

    Human candidates classifications benefiting from this release include DJs, Composers, GameAudio Pros


    Super-strength Synths, Over-clocked Rhythms.

    Key Points:

    • Elastik Engine
    • 1 GB Sound Material
    • 100 Construction Kits
    • 250 Instrument Loops
    • 100 Drum Construction Kits
    • 300 Single Drum Loops
    • 700 Single Sounds

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    Press Reviews

    EQ Mag, 2007-07-01
    Electro ID

    by EQ Mag

    EQ Mag, 2007-07-01
    Electro ID
    EQ Magazine, July 2007

    Over the past few years, sample libraries have become inscreasingly wedded to
    virtual plug-in/stand-alone snstruments. No longer do library developers have to be
    concerned about being compatible with a particular sampler format; all they need is
    something tat wrks with most, or all, major plug-in formats (VSTi, AU, RTAS, DXi).
    Ueberschall's Electro ID, for their Elastik virtual instrument platform, contains 100
    constructionkits of German underground electro music, verging on techno and
    hardcore. The typical kit includes drum loops, bass, synth, various effects, and
    they're smokin': This is the real deal. But you can't really consider the sounds with
    the instrument, so let's do go there. (By the way, Ueberschall has multiple products
    that use the Elastik engine - not just Electro ID.)

    I found Elastick confusing at first, and that kept me from getting deeper into it. My
    mistake; once I realized this was an instrument more than a loop library, everything
    fell into place and I started having a major blast. If you want an instant electro
    construction kit where you can do a whole lot more than with simple static loops,
    consider making the stretch to get Elastik.

    Computer Music, 2007-06-01
    Electro ID

    by Computer Music

    Computer Music, 2007-06-01
    Electro ID
    Computer Music, June 2007

    Electro ID covers all the major 4/4, techy styles (from Detroit techno to banging
    electro house).
    It offers plenty of big synth leads, basslines, percussion tracks and atmospheric FX,
    the majority of which are of good quality and fit the prevailing mood.
    there's no denying that the Elastik engine makes it extremely easy to use the
    sounds as prescribed. As such, Electro ID is absolutely ideal for quick and dirty
    soundtrack work.


    Beat, 2007-03-01
    Electro ID

    by Beat

    Beat, 2007-03-01
    Electro ID
    Beat, March 2007

    Another new publication from the German manufacturer ueberschall continues electronically. "Electro ID" holds what the name promises: Drum Loops, Patterns, crackled Synths and Basslines as well as Soundeffects for styles like Electro, Tech-House, Hard-Core and Schranz. On it goes, experimenting is the slogan.
    Also this compilation is delivered with the Elastik-Loop-Player, giving the possibility of a good structured administration and pre-hearing within a nice and clearly organized surface - Timestretching, Pitchshifting and MIDI-allocation inclusive. The plug-in works under Mac OS X and Windows.

    Music & PC, 2007-02-01

    Electro ID...

    by Music & PC

    Music & PC, 2007-02-01

    Electro ID
    PC & Musik, 02-2007

    Basics: „German Unerground“ promises the cover - and does not talk about the tube from Düsseldorf which is unbeatable in boredom and melancholy. But that‘s not what this is about. Here we have a wild and varied electronic-sound. „Feel the impact“ is the subtitle and it‘s really going to be rough.

    Sounds: (...)
    Names like „Knarre“, „Counterstrike“, „Bullshit“, „Rappelzappel“ or „Schranzkraft“ tell you that they don‘t take any musical prisoners and don‘t carea about any tonal rules. This doesn‘t mean that everything is loud and noisy, next to sounds like Anthony Rother we find a little „Earth Nation“ and Trance. Very useful and very suitable to other styles, too. I mixed it for example with sounds from Dancehall and received some interesting results.

    Conclusion: I already talked about the pros of the Elastik-Interface. This time it invites for hours of playing and experimenting with the sounds. The title „German Underground“ may scare away some of those who are more mainstream orientated but I still want to advise this library warmly to everybody - it has a huge bandwidth of use and is excellent produced.

    Translated by Wenzel Mehnert / Ueberschall

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