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Essentials Of The Order

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Essentials Of The Order

'Essentials of the Order' from Ueberschall has only one misson - total satisfaction - kicking things off with Doug Laurent's award-winning Essentials samples, released exclusively for Ueberschall. This pack marked the foundation for the new era of Tectonic Electronic productions.

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Product Information

'Essentials of the Order' from Ueberschall has only one misson - total satisfaction - kicking things off with Doug Laurent's award-winning Essentials samples, released exclusively for Ueberschall. This pack marked the foundation for the new era of Tectonic Electronic productions.

'Essentials of the Order' is a remixer's treasure-trove of Hit-happy sequences and single shots. Gorgeous leads and pads, extended intros, funky retro discoballin', glow-light jams and a lot more. Thousands of PA-approved Drumloops, Drumsounds, eBass, Synths, Pads, Keys, Stabs, VoxShots, Guitar, FX and beyond are included.

'Essentials Of The Order' is a massive new collection of the out-standing Sampling CD's 'Techno Trance Essentials', 'House Essentials' and 'Loop Essentials'. They have been used around the globe by top chart producers in mixes for the world's biggest and most famous acts.

No wonder, sound designer Doug Laurent himself did hit productions for Dance projects, such as Culture Beat, La Bouche, Sash and Snap, electronic cult acts, like Front242 or Yello, and House artists like Gloria Gaynor and Jocelyn Brown.

All 8600 samples are now finally available in Ueberschall's famous Elastik Audio Player to guarantee a maximum of flexibilty in arranging sounds that was never as easy before. 'Essentials Of The Order' is a must-have combination of top-notch quality samples and state-of-the-art software.

These parts are a vital blend for the other RetroFit releases and of course your own collections.


• Timeline: 1990-2007
• For DJs, GameAudio, Jingles, Underscore & Music Production
• Styles: House, Trance, Dance, Pop, Club, Rave, Techno, 4floor, Industrial, Detroit, Tribal, Hip Hop, DnB & more.

Product Includes:

• Loop Essentials
• House Essentials
• Techno Trance Essentials

Loop Essentials:

The creator of 'TechnoTrance & House Essentials', Doug Laurent (Culture Beat, Jocelyn Brown, La Bouche, Sash, Yello), is back with the ultimate collection of over 3,600 drum loops. 'Loop Essentials' provides extremely useable grooves for Hip Hop, Pop, House and Techno style productions; an essential masterpiece for every music producer!

House Essentials:

This definite House masterpiece contains more than 2,500 fresh samples (drumloops, drum sounds, bass sounds, funky licks, brass & string sounds, vocals & effects). Doug laurent and top remixer Risque (gloria gaynor, jocelyn brown, 54, deskee, fab, foundation) opened up their exclusive archives to produce the essential standard for any House and Dance producer.

Techno Trance Essentials:

The standard for Techno and Dance contains 2,500 excellent new sounds (500 drum loops, 500 drum sounds, 210 basses, 450 Techno sounds, 620 vocals & 230 effects). Producer Doug Laurent (Boney M, Culture Beat, Front 242, La Bouche, Sash and Yello, to name just a few) opens his exclusive sound archive. The ultimate sample treasure trove for the coming years and an essential for every Techno and Dance freak worldwide.

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Press Reviews

Essentials Of The Order

by Several Reviews

Essentials Of The Order

House Essentials
SOS 08/03 ***** Stars! Ueberschall get all dressed up and strut their funky stuff on the dance floor with this two-disc collection of house samples (one audio, the other WAV including 12 minutes of audio). Kicking the collection off (after a very disco-sounding demo track) are a whopping 645 drum loops spread over 28 tracks. Split into rough sub-genres including tribal, straight, deep, and groove, all the loops are set at a tempo of 130bpm and unsurprisingly feature predominantly driving four-to-the-floor patterns. (...) If I really had to find something to moan about, a few variations in tempo throughout the drum loops might have been interesting, as would some extra pad sounds, but that is really being ultra-picky because, overall, House Essentials exudes quality and is a fantastic source to build whole tracks from (which quite rightly will take some work on your part) or just to dip into for inspiration. Credit must go to the producers, Risque and Doug Laurent, who have put together one of those rare sample CDs that actually simulates creativity rather than replacing it. If house music is your thing, you'll find plenty to keep you busy here. Oli Bell
For the whole review please visit

Techno Trance Essentials (translated from german)
This work is produced by Doug Laurent who worked together with artist like Boney M., Snaom La Bouche and Culture Beat. For more information go to (...) The essential of this collection are 505 Drumloops seperated in techno, trance, groove, straight, dance, addon, hihat, percussion, tribal and electro. all the loops are running at 130 BPM. (...) The quality of the samples is very good and with around 500 four-on-the-floor it is guaranteed that every techno and dance head will find his/her tune.
Diversity is given by the folders electro and straight which come with some broken and funky sounds. All in all it is a high quality base for beatloops. Mor interesting for me are the single samples. Luckily on this CD are no complete soundloops but 540 drumsounds, 210 bass sounds, 620 vocals, 490 techsounds and 230 sfx for making your own tune. There is nothing that will be missed here. The single sounds offer an easy way to build your own drumlines and the bass folder contains of roundabout every sound that can be achieved with electronic material. Hardcore-, Sub-, Moog-, Dance and other basses offer a good diversity in high quality. Behind Techsounds are organs, synth, strings, ethno sounds, stabhits,
guitars, chords and alarm/noise sounds. All delivered in the tune of “a“. Not as many sounds as in the drum and bass folders but still enough for your own tracks. Nevertheless the vocal samples could have been left out in my opinion. Well, they were recorded by famous dance-artists and are from high quality but I have never known what to do with standard dance-vocal samples, just my 2 cents. If you are looking for dance-vocals you will be satisfied with them. To make the wheel spin the soundpool is filled up with a folder full of FX-Sounds.
A big plus is the structure of the library. It is all well organized and understandable (...).
In a nutshell it is to say that this CD achieved its aim. (...) a wide field of different sounds give a good base for techno-, trance- and dance-producers and even for those who will become one. If I should go in this direction, this CD will be definetly my „essential“. If you are looking for more tunes in this direction take a look at the „techno identity“ review (or at the Retro Unit 4 - Astral Electro Flux, remark by the translator)

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