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Score Elements

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    Score Elements

    'Score Elements' from Ueberschall provides the highest possible quality of audio processing and is especially geared toward professional scoring, game SFX, audio logos and flash applications. Within this module of the 'Score Elements' system, you’ll find a huge amount of Accents, Ambient Beds, Impacts, Transitions and Whooshes.

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    'Score Elements' from Ueberschall provides the highest possible quality of audio processing and is especially geared toward professional scoring, game SFX, audio logos and flash applications.

    Within this module of the 'Score Elements' system, you’ll find a huge amount of Accents, Ambient Beds, Impacts, Transitions and Whooshes.

    This amazing content delivers a rich spectrum of bright and dark moods, such as scary, mysterious, dark, disturbed, fortunate, cheerful, peaceful.

    Every sound in the library was developed to create with ease a unique feeling to compel and immerse your intended audience. With the flexible Elastik engine you can easily mix and modify several of the 792 samples and loops at once to create completely new sounds and moods on-the-fly. A wide variety of sounds are provided which appeal to diverse sound applications.


    The over 2.5 GB library is divided into five main folders and several sub folders, to enable fast and target-orientated browsing within the product.

    01 - Accents: Hundreds of grab and go ready samples, with various lengths. Here the samples are separated into different mood folders, like creepy, disturbing, mysterious, and scary for example.

    02 - Ambient Beds: This section is divided into two main mood folders, bright and dark. Within these folders you’ll find a rich spectrum of beds which have a length of up to over 45 seconds. Some of the beds deliver multiple variations per phrase. Every bed is fully loopable.

    03 - Impacts: This part is filled with a huge amount of unique impacts. First of all the samples are divided into three subfolders, with different room sizes — small, medium and big rooms. Additionally the samples are separated into hard low/mid frequencies and soft low/mid frequencies. This ensures that you’ll find the required sample as quickly as possible.

    04 - Transitions: The transition sounds are perfect to connect different scenes. They are separated into fast and slow rising transitions.

    05 - Whooshes:  A vast number of whoosh samples, which are perfect to empower your moving objects, such as logos and animations. The sounds are portioned into short and long. Furthermore they are split into low and midrange frequencies.


    The given structure and features, like labelled mood signature and tempo information, makes it as easy as possible to find a song or groove that will match your tracking needs and goals. Additionally the Elastik Player offers you a lot of DSP functions to adjust the songs to further fit your productions and creations.


    Responsible for this product are Berengar Schmidt and Marc Steinmeier. They have worked for companies like Universal Music, EMI Electrola and Sony/BMG, to name a few. They have assisted, produced or remixed for well known-artists, such as LL Cool J, Alcia Keys, George Clinton, Eminem, and others. They gave a lot of productions their break in terms of Sound design. This product guarantees a sound that is truly high fidelity.


    • 2.51 GB
    • 792 loops & single sounds
    • Genre: Sound Effects
    • Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST RTAS/StandAlone
    • Elastik Player included - no sampler required!

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    Press Reviews

    Sound & Recording, 2010-10-01

    by Sound & Recording

    Sound & Recording, 2010-10-01
    Score Elements

    Sound & Recording, Octobre 2010

    The audience of ambitious moviemakers, who produce blockbusters in the style of Spielberg and Lucas and wish to spice up their soundtracks with typical Hollywood sound effects can look forward to 2.5 on fresh material. In the 792 loops and samples all typical elements, such as impacts, whooshes and transitions, are included and organized by characteristics in different folders. All loops and samples can be freely combined thanks to the included Elastik Player. For musicians who compose music for trailers or who wish to add the necessary power of persuasion to a commercial, Score Elements is an ideal treasure trove.

    translated by Andreas Reinsch/ueberschall, 2010-09-02
    Score Elements

    by, 2010-09-02
    Score Elements, 02-09-2010

    Since a little while the company Ueberschall releases next to their usual samples and sounds for different music genres also material for movie-, video- and filmscoring. With „Score Elements“ the latest product for this series is now available. The library keeps more than 2.5 GB of files and is seperated into five folders: Accents, Ambient Beds, Impacts, Transitions and Whooses. The names already tell you that the material is mainly focused on soundeffects that suite perfectly to every picture and every mood. Esepcially while the samples are furthermore categorized into folders like scary, mystery, disturbed and many more.

    Score Elements
    The quality of the sounds is throughout the whole library very high and should please even the most dicerning users. Who already uses Ueberschall samples won‘t have a problem with the delivered Elastik player. As with all Ueberschall products this DVD also contains the Elastik player that allows, next to rudimental changes, the combination of each of the 792 sounds.

    In a nutshell the company enriches the line of products on a very high level. New soundmaterial is always in demand and Ueberschall fulfills this development. This library is absolutely recommendable.

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