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Ambient Textures Reason Refill

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Ambient Textures Reason Refill

Ambient Textures is a huge Refill for REASON from Zero-G. It features 1000 superb patches created in Reason 2.0, including 300 Subtractor patches, 201 Malstrom patches, 259 NN-19 Sampler patches, and 240 NN-XT Sampler patches.

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Product Information

Ambient Textures is a huge Refill for REASON from Zero-G. It features 1000 superb patches created in Reason 2.0, including 300 Subtractor patches, 201 Malstrom patches, 259 NN-19 Sampler patches, and 240 NN-XT Sampler patches.


The Producer, Jonathan Heslop, has been creating electronic music for 10 years, composing music for various independent films, computer games and even some patches for Propellerheads. During that time he has created a large number of synth patches, the best of which are in this superb Refill.



• 154 ambient pads
• 30 harsh synth pads
• 60 L + R pads
• 30 sound effects
• 30 string sounds


• 89 ambient pads
• 82 gated synths
• 13 sound effects
• 17 string sounds


• 164 ambient pads
• WAV samples
• 55 string sounds
• 40 vox patches


• 104 ambient pads
• 71 gated synths
• 40 string sounds
• 25 vox patches


• MicroWAVe XT
• Technics WSA1
• Supernova 2 Pro X
• Micro Q
• Alesis QS

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Press Reviews

You've already got a fat library of drum...

by EQ Magazine, USA

You've already got a fat library of drum loops, and your guitar-playing buddy beats any guitar sample CD out there, so what do you really need when it comes to fresh soundware? How about a cutting edge set of synth and sampler patches capable of lending a polished, "Hollywood" element to your tracks? Look no further than Ambient Textures. It's only for Reason, and it's loaded with hundreds of synth pads, atmospheres, leads, and effects.

Ambient breaks down like this: 300 Subtractor patches, 201 for Malström, 259 for NN-19 (Reason's 'basic' sampler), and 240 for NN-XT. If this sounds like a lot, that's because it is.

The man behind the sounds is producer Jonathan Heslop, who has taken care to craft a deep collection of samples that could be used in a variety of contexts - trance, pop, new wave, film scores, etc. For each instrument, patches have been organized into categories such as ambient pads, harsh leads, effects, gated synths, and so on. Generally speaking, pads tend to lean toward digital-analog hybrid territory (think Absynth meets D-50). I had no trouble finding dozens of one-note soundtrack starters.

The Subtractor and Malström sounds don't have quite the expansiveness of the samples, but this is probably because these synths don't have the advantage of using finely processed multisamples as raw material. Nonetheless, the synth patches are impressive and I found that their more 'analog-like' quality complemented the hyper-wide hi-fi multisample material.

Bottom line: This is an outstanding set of synth and sampler patches with a modern, analog-digital hybrid slant.

Ambient always seems to attract people...

by Interface Magazine, Holland

Ambient always seems to attract people as a genre. Zero-G has already explored new paths in the sample market and has released this brand new title for the Reason platform. This set doesn't just consist of components for the well known Reason samplers. It has a lot of them, but there are also some fine patches for the Malstrom and Substractor synths. As the title suggests the main focus of this products is ambient spheres, pad sounds and other kinds of soundscapes. As hinted above, we have to mention the exceptional programming work on the very popular Malstrom synthesizer. I never knew that this machine could bring such beautiful soundscapes to our ears. For these samples the producers have used Waldorf machines and others capable of equally incredible results, unlike any you have heard before. Anyone familliar with Reason knows how average those synths can sound, but with this package you'll realise that there's much more than just dull factory patches. The same goes for the samples, very dynamic and usable and it makes you realise that a sampler is not only useful for sampling drums and vocals. Creamy, fluffy and floating, don't hesitate to buy this if you looking for sounds of this type. I just hope to see it released in other native samplers in the future.

Rated: 8 out of 10

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